Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Coupla Thoughts

Nevada @ Kansas

While it is still to early to put anything in the form of expectations on this young KU team, the game tomorrow night against #20 Nevada is going to tell us a lot more about our kids. I have a tough time seeing us containing their stud big-man, 6-11 Nick Fazekus. We held him relatively in check last year (17 pts on 5-18 fg) but I think he has a big game against us tomorrow night. Coach Self describes him as a "low-post guy with a good face up game", basically because he can score from a lot of different places on the floor. This most likely means we'll probably see a lot of CJ Giles on him as he moves a little better than Sasha Kaun in terms of hanging around the perimeter. Bottom line is if our big guys can play disciplined D and not "jump around and fling our arms like a retard at the mere thought of a ball fake" D we can keep this guy off the line (85% FT shooter) and hold him at least a little in check by making him earn his buckets. 6-5 Soph. guard Marcelus Kemp is leading the team in scoring (21 points a night) early in the season but make no doubt the Wolfpack's O will be run through the big man.

Duke @ Indiana

Auburn transfer Marco Killingsworth absolutely manhandled any big-man Duke decided to throw at him to the tune of 34 points on a ridiculous 15-20 from the field. Only problem was the rest of the team was a combined 14-39 from the field and JJ Redick played like, well, JJ Redick. Seems the more and more I hate this guy the better he gets. Dukie V. was all over his nuts as usual (can't really blame him this game), and if TJ Ford and Jason.....sorry "Jay" Williams are any predictors, this kid is looking like the favorite right now for POY. You have to think after his Maui performance and his tremendous skillset that Adam Morrison is right there with JJ, but let's face it, he doesn't play in the ACC, and he doesn't play for Duke. Needless to say, Indiana is looking pretty good in the Big Televen once they can get DJ White back in the lineup. If Killingsworth can keep it going, and White can improve just minimally on last years performance, you'd have to put them at least in the top 5 in terms big man tandems in the entire country. If the Hoosier's guards can at least show up during Big 10 play, I gotta think they'll hang with Michigan State (see Nathan, told you Tech would give them a game) at the top of the conference.


Blogger Nathan said...

Heh, more than right - Tech played great.

6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't want to hate on the site. I read it everyday, but after a great GT game we're talking about Duke and Kansas??? (By the way, I'm a huge Jayhawks fan too.)

7:20 AM  
Blogger Nathan said...

I have a huge wrap up from last night that should be up around noon for the GT game, patience young grasshoppers!

7:48 AM  

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