Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Well it looks like the leader of the Smurf Turf brigade has finally made his own mid-major leap. Per ESPN Boise State Head Coach Dan Hawkins has accepted the Colorado job recently vacated by Gary Barnett. Hawkins comes from a hightly successful stint at BSU winning 4 straight WAC titles, and compiling a 53-10 record with one of the more statistically potent offenses in the nation during his short tenure there. The move from the WAC to the Big 12 shouldn't be his biggest concern as of right now seeing as how the Big 12 North is the retarded step-sister of the current BCS grouping. The man can obviously coach, but if I were a Buff fan, I'd have a hard time believing this guy is going to recruit anyone.
-He's taking on a team with absolutely ZERO confidence coming off a couple of absolute ass whippings.
-Colorado quite possibly has the worst football facilities in all of the Big 12.
-He has little to no name recognition in a part of the country where he has most likely never stepped foot. (I tried to search for "Dan Hawkins Pictures" on google and the entire front page was covered in links to websites for Dan Hawkins: lead guitarist of the glam rock band "The Darkness).
-He's taking over an enormously shitty situation in terms of PR in the wake of Barnett leaving (this last one was a doozy), and will most likely spend much of his off-season wasting time answering questions about the previous administration's transgressions.

It will be interesting to see how this shapes up, he'll have a few years in a down conference to put a respectable record together with someone elses players, we'll see what happens though after a few teams in the north get back on their feet and he gets his system in place.

Good luck Mr. Hawkins.


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The best part. He gets a chance to become the first coach....possibly get his brains beat in Between the Hedges in back to back years with two different teams.

Good times.

Seriously, if he gets a defensive coordinator with any level of competence (something he did not have at Boise), he'll be fine.

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