Monday, December 19, 2005

A little late night randomness.

Maybe what Nathan has been telling me is right.

Rick Barnes really has yet to show me a GD thing when it comes to coaching. I can kinda-sorta understand getting behind the 8-ball early, and watching a white-hot Redick absolutely light you up when playing happens. But to follow it up with that absolute turd against Tennessee is borderline unacceptable with the talent he has. It is evidently clear that Daniel Gibson is either slightly overrated all together, or just not suited to play the one, we'll see as we near conference play. That being said you really need to do more with one of the best NBA prospects in the NCAA's in Lamarcus Aldridge, and the absolute matchup nightmare that is P.J. Tucker. I swear it took him 3/4s of the game to realize that there isn't a soul on Duke's team that could match Tucker's athleticism or size, too bad UT was down 25 by then. If Duke's close games against Indiana and V-Tech have taught us anything on how to hang with/beat Duke, it's taking the rock right at them. You're telling me Virginia Tech's guards can take Redick, Paulus, and Melchioni off the dribble but Gibson and Tucker can't? Better hope Brad Buckman gets healthy soon or Daniel Gibson has an epiphany at the point, cuz it looks like OU is gonna take over the top of what is panning out to be a painfully bad Big 12 Conference.

I feel your pain Tech fans.

Man, my freaking kingdom for consitent guard play. I hope none of you were unfortunate enough to watch the absolute abomination of a basketball game that was KU vs. Pepperdine on the Deuce. Our guards are all athletic and are great on the ball defenders, sure they take a few too many chances, but they create a ridiculous amount of havoc and force tons of turnovers. Unfortunately they themselves return the favor to the tune of a 13/18 A/TO ratio and keep a game with a BAD Pepperdine team way too close. I'm sure Mario Chalmers will pan out in the future, but all the KU fans ripping on Aaron Miles's ability to score the ball for the last 4 years will soon realize that guys like him, Mateen Cleaves, and Steve Blake (sorry, had to) can sure as hell win a boat load of games in the NCAA's without packing the stat sheet. The more we stay out of the half court, and the more we just get our asses out and run after turnovers the better off we'll be. This isn't me wishing for Roy William's return, this is just me looking at what we have on the floor right now and believing our success in games like Cal last week were predicated on running the break well after turnovers and missed shots.


Blogger Nathan said...

Barnes' coaching skills >>>> JW's photoshop skills (not that that is saying much).

You won't find an ACC basketball fan that liked Rick Barnes, the man is a complete loser in every way imaginable.

As for guard play, moan about KU - but I'd love to have Russell Robinson at Tech to give us another combo guard / ball handler. Fewer assists than TO's is rough though, ouch.

11:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ku is looking rough at the guard spot, very rough. They need Mr. Vaughn back. Rick a crook

_ E.W.

1:10 PM  
Blogger JW said...

Oh the talent is there as far as Chalmers and Robinson go. Too bad they have little to no clue what they are doing. I really don't thing Mario knows what decisions are "good ones" as of right now.

Kaun and Giles are playing well enough for us to beat the mediocre teams. If we can get Chalmers and the other guards in the mix, we'll be damn tough later in the season.

9:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very well said my friend. The "O" needs to run through Kaun. The big man must touch the ball everytime down the court.
... I think I need to start up a blogspot.
Erin W.

2:32 PM  

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