Saturday, December 03, 2005

The More Things Change ...

The more the ACC changes, the more it stays the same. Congratulations to Florida State, 2005 ACC Champions. Ignore the crashing sound, that is just BCS officials throwing themselves off a building. To everyone who joined from the Big East, you have now been officially welcomed to the ACC - also known as "FSU's Bitches". We, the other members of their harem, are glad you can share this yearly tradition with us. For those counting at home, this is now 12 conference titles in 14 years for Bobby Bowden, not even Jeff can seem to stop them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only am I pissed that FSU actually played in the Conf Champ game when they had 3 conference losses they had to go and win the dang game. In the process the closed the door to the peach bowl that UGA had opened (by beating LSU) only a few hours before. VT will now go to the Peach. Best case for us is the Music City in Nashville. Else we head to Boise or San Fran.

A. Tebbano

1:06 AM  

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