Wednesday, January 25, 2006


J.J Redick has shot .859 on the season from the FT line, and he's the best FT shooter by percentage in NCAA history. If he had shot 45 FT's tonight against us, he would have made approximately 39 - a ridiculous amount.

Of course, Maryland AS A TEAM is evidently superior to Redick as they shot an insane .911 from the line and hit 41 of 45. Full props to Maryland for one of the best shooting exhibitions I have ever seen, from any team on any level. If you shoot that % on a large number of FT's, it's basically impossible for any team to come back on you, or go on long runs - and it's a great way to steal a win on the road. Insane.

(Nik Caner-Medley is heading to the line to drain 2 more)


Blogger Dan said...

It was absolutely insane last night. Of the four they miss, I also think they got second chances on at least 2 of them with offensive boards.

Folks were flipping out about our offense, which struggled for a while, but we actually scored more points in the 2nd half than the first with a respectable 35 and 39 per half. Our ole' defense for a major portion of the 2nd half and Maryland's impeccable FT shooting pretty much made up the difference.

Caner-Medley is a baller. I hate him, but he can play.

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