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Recruiting Trips I Want to Take

Face it, everyone would love to be the center of attention and millionaire coaches drooling and fawning over you ... especially when you were only 17 or 18. But not all recruiting trips can be equal, and as my younger sister goes through the process of selecting the school she wants to play volleyball for, it got me thinking about the recruiting trips I would have wanted to take if I had been a stud football player in high school. Heck, these trips would be worth it even if you weren't interested in attending the school, just in stringing them along for a free weekend of partying.

#3 - Miami

I honeymooned in Miami, I have no idea how on earth I would have possibly made it through school there, the town alone is ridiculous. And that's nothing compared to the benefits of being a bigtime high school recruit - just ask Willie Williams, he of the 10 former arrests and unbelievably entertaining Miami Herald recruiting diary. Coach Coker picked him up in the Escalade, stuffed him full food at Monty's on South Beach and then let him loose on the town with Portis, Sapp and Javon Kearse ... at some club named "B.E.D" - whose description includes:

"Jumping in bed with girls is easy, as long as you have a reservation at BED in South Beach, of course. The two (or more) of you can hop in the sack for a little dinner then party until dawn at a restaurant that replaces tables with plush, king-sized beds and mood music that heats-up as he night rolls on [...] Feast your eyes on the Erotica Dinner Theatre, where fetish cabaret performances add a little spice to the aphrodisiac cuisine."

Nothing like a little fetish cabaret to go with dinner in bed with a trio of NFL All-Stars and the women of South Beach. On location alone, this has to be a top 3 recruiting trip.

#2 - Arizona State

These quotes from a 2002 ASU State Press article pretty much sum it up:

"[...] underage drinking and consensual sex between recruits and female recruiters are common."

"Thirty-five of the 37 Sun Devil Recruiters are women, and more than half are members of sororities. They are, for the most part, good-looking [...]"

"[...] participating in underage drinking at recruiting parties and "a lot of the girls are hooking up with the recruits."

"[...] take the high school players -- all of them under 21 and many under the age of 18 -- to local bars and clubs."

“The coaches don't know where these guys are while they’re here visiting. They could be going to Mexico for all they know [...]"

(ASU's DZ's lineup for incoming recruits)
photo from

Does it need to be added that ASU is infamous for the "quality" of the student bod(ies)? All in all, that sounds like an extremely "informative" trip for a 17 year old, not to mention a wild weekend, though ending up in Mexico could be scary depending on the situation.

#1 - Colorado

For so many reasons, does this even need to be expounded on? Players hiring strippers for recruits for private sex parties, copious amounts of alcohol provided to minors, widespread accusations of rape and sexual assault at recruiting parties - and this was going on BEFORE Gary Barnett showed up on the scene. When this stuff was breaking, I couldn't tell if they were reporting on CU recruiting or a party at Caligula's palace. Even with all the NCAA and institutional attention now, do you really think this has slowed up any? Heck, an aide on Barnett's staff was (allegedly) paying $2500 for call girls to go directly to recruit's hotel rooms. Nothing says "come play for us" quite like high priced hookers sent right to your hotel room. Of course, looking at the talent Colorado was bringing in over that timeframe ... imagine what they would be getting without resorting to the sex and alcohol binges.
( This guy would feel right at home in Boulder)
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Blogger Ian said...

Lemme tell you a lil' something about places like ASU and FSU: despite their reps, in terms of girls, that shit is fool's gold. What really happens is that the best looking 10% of the girls there are about as good as you can get in the country, and then there's a precipitous dropoff. I guess that doesn't really matter if you're a football recruit, unless you're one of the black guys who likes 'em a little thick. But anyways, not every girl can handle drinking Smirnoff Ice six days a week and there are far more fatties at those schools than anyone's willing to admit. Stick with the SEC; not only are the girls already hot, but they're also probably wealthy, so there's tremendous pressure to stay thin.

10:57 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

That is hysterical Ian and true. I'm assuming you caught Tucker Max's thoughts on the same subject on his blog?

12:03 PM  

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