Monday, February 20, 2006

Wednesday - ACC Championship Game Rematch

Man, it's been almost a year since J.J Redick earned the "Worst Call in ACC History" by grabbing a jersey and getting a trip to the FT line - that game was a war, and probably the high point of last year's injury riddled season. Unfortunately, in the elapsed period since then Duke has played like, well, Duke ... and we're struggling. This game has much less riding on it than any GT v. Duke in the past couple of years, and should be much less competitive as well. It was only two seasons ago that Jack was burying Duke's home winning streak, but it seems like a lifetime.

Anyways, since nobody is really giving GT much of a shot on Wednesday night (and why should they), it's funnier to just list off why we hate Duke and more specifically, Duke fans.

#1: The guy in my office who's a Patriots fan and a Yankees fan just so happens to also be a "huge" Duke fan as well. Seriously. He's never been to North Carolina, never been to Cameron and has no attachment to Duke other than the fact they are on national TV 30+ times a year and are the one team he can name a player on the roster for. This describes around 90% of the Duke fans I've ever met.

(Yes, that's a real picture - you couldn't make it up if you tried)

Growing up in North Carolina, outside of the two guys I knew through acquaintances that actually played basketball for Duke ... I didn't know a single Duke fan. It's nearly impossible to find a Duke fan in the area of the country where the school is located. I know people jokingly call it The University of New Jersey at Durham, but it's shockingly close to the truth. One of the most prolific posters at The Devil's Den is named DukeFanatRU ... nailing the stereotype to a "T".

#3: It's a very good school. Of course, so are a number of other schools in the ACC. The academic elitism that comes from Durham smacks a little hollow when you are trying to talk down to schools ranked in the top 5 in their fields, as I've had Duke students do to me. "Oh, you went to Tech ..." Heck yes I did, and I'd put up any amount of money you wanted to that I could pass History at Duke and you couldn't make it a semester in Applied Mathematics at Tech.

#4: Speaking of which ... it's in Durham. DURHAM.

#5: The Crazies. Could there be a dorkier group known to mankind? Even the Goldfellas aren't that dorky, and they are engineering students at a school that has like 8 total girls.

(Less dorky than the Crazies!)

#6: Dahntay Jones. Speaking of fitting ... if you look up "goonball thug" in Webster's, you find this picture. We don't hate Duke players because they are white, we hate them for doing classless crap like pushups under the goal after a dunk. Dahntay Jones could give Hassan Adams lessons on how to scream and flex like an idiot, and that's saying something.

#7: Wojo. Epitome of overated Duke player who got on obscene amount of coverage while in school. Wojo slapped the floor a lot, that was pretty much the extent of his skills - and yet even casual fans can name him to this day.

#8: Finally, what's going to bother me wednesday night is the fact that the J.J Redick worship club will be in session, and as they are calling him "the best shooter in ACC history" they will be conveniently forgetting that J.J couldn't hold Dennis Scott's jock as a shooter, or scorer, or player ... or frankly, anything. More on this to come later, but the complete whitewash of Scott's accomplishments from the conversation is one of the running themes of this year that is starting to really annoy me.

Now, I don't hate Duke nearly as much as some people do - mine is reserved for the Georgia State Penal Colony of Athens - but this guy penned one of the most venom filled diatribes I've ever seen on the internet. I don't agree with all of it (I don't think there's a huge ref conspiracy, I just think they get a lot of calls because of reputation and Coach K), but it's worth a laugh if you have 15-20 minutes to read it. Anti-Duke Manifesto (Turtle Soup).

More on the Duke game tommorow, specifically - what on earth has happend to Dennis Scott's ACC career and why does nobody seem to remember him?


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