Monday, May 29, 2006


I don't often write about the Georgia Tech baseball team on this blog, even though they are the best all around athletic team on campus - and have been for a number of years. Part of the reason for this is because it's much more difficult to follow baseball from 1500 miles away because of the lack of TV coverage and the other part is that does such a fantastic job I'm not sure what else I could offer.

That being said, with the NCAA field of 64 set today, GT is again a top 8 national seed and will host all the way to the College World Series. This is the 4th season in a row that GT has been a top 8 national seed, and while many of those tournament runs have ended in dissapointment that is still an incredible accomplishment. Unfortunately, with the currently state of the roster's health (Danny Payne is probably done for the season, Wes Hodges can barely run, etc) I'm not so sure this year will end any different than the previous ones, which is a shame.

This weekend Tech and Clemson continued our season long war, with Clemson getting the edge in the final inning of the final game for a 16-11 win to advance to the ACC title game. That leaves us 3-3 on the season with the Tiggers, and 94-94-3 all time (if I am counting correctly). Doesn't get more even than that. Clemson is the #1 overall seed in the tournament, and if GT advances to the CWS would be our likely openining opponent in that tournament as well. 7 times in one year? Nowhere does it say that the NCAA likes to break up conference rivals (Texas and Nebraska will likely face each other again as well. Good work, committee).

If you live in the Atlanta area, get out to Russ Chandler and support this team for the regional and the supers. It's impossible to not like this group - it's a gritty bunch that might lack the star power of the previous Teixeira or Varitek/Nomar led teams, but they play their tails and have an outside shot at the school record for wins (52) if they can keep advancing.


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Good blog! More Beesball coverage is always welcome!

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