Saturday, September 10, 2005

Evidently, Chan Gailey reads this blog

I told you all to get on the "Free Damarius Bilbo" bandwagon before it began to fill up. Well, after today there might not be any room. Chan Gailey and Reggie Ball certainly hopped on the bandwagon today, and having two big time receivers is going to make this offense very dangerous.

Last Game (@UNC): 8 Catches for 130 yards and 1 TD, 1 completion for 33 yards
Season: 10 catches for 151 yards and 1 TD, 1 completion for 33 yards


Blogger Carl McCakill said...

This is in reference to Damarius Bilbo and his career at Georgia Tech . In this cynical world in which we live, I hope this captures the attention of someone who can let this be an inspiration to the up and coming athletes and anyone in general ,who is trying to succeed in life. Let me start by saying that I am the fiance of Damarius’ mother. Some will question whether I am being biased or not because of my close relationship to Damarius, but I can assure you that I am not. Reason being, I had the opportunity to meet him when he was an eight grader, in 1996, during which time his mother and I were not dating. We began dating in 2003. I knew there was something special about him because of his mannerism. When I picked him up, he was always polite and well-mannered, which is almost unheard of this day and time with our younger generation. It was always “Yes Sir” or “No Sir”and“Thank you”. You could sense the appreciation. His mother and I swapped turns picking the boys up from practice, since we were neighbors. You knew there was something special about this young man that was genuine. The person that he would grow to be was evident at an early age and was not only recognized by myself but also by anyone who knows him. I think it’s safe to say, that anyone who knows anything about football and his career at Tech, knows that he didn’t get a fair shake. It’s baffling how so much proven talent could be discarded and used minimally to help the team’s winning effort. Most was due, in my opinion, to Chan Gailey’s ego(note: I said Chan Gailey, not Coach Chan Gailey), because a true coach wants to win and have the best personnel there to do so regardless of who recruited him. Not to take away anything from Reggie Ball, who is a good athlete and competitor, he is no quarterback at the college level. Anyone who knows football; knows the two in comparison, Bilbo and Ball, sees there is no comparison in athleticism, leadership or overall skills. In fact, it seems as though they should have been playing reversed positions. To my surprise and dismay, Gailey signed a new contract, giving Tech only a chance at a 6-5 or at best , a 7-4 record while he is still `head coach. Don’t take my word for this, look back over the games, the proof is in the pudding!!!! But I must thank him, because where as he tried to construct a stumbling block and be a thorn in Damarius’ side, he was actually helping to intensify the character Damarius possesses and solidify it even more. Most people would have given up or transferred but Damarius stuck with what he started. Gailey could probably learn a well needed lesson on character and perseverance from this young man. And to me, this makes Damarius the bigger man, even though it didn’t always feel good. Thank You, Mr. Gailey for your help, even though it wasn’t your intent!!!!!!

Carl McCaskill

4:09 PM  

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