Monday, October 17, 2005

McMillan: Jack might be the opening day starter

Rookie Jack makes quick impression

Jarrett Jack is probably my second favorite Yellow Jacket basketball player of all-time (behind Matt Harpring), and his toughness, leadership and defensive ability will be missed in Atlanta this year. That being said, I was really dissapointed that he ended up in Portland who already had another young PG in Sebastian Telfair. The way it's sounding right now though, Jack might be beating him out for the starting PG spot. I'm not a big "Jail Blazers" fan, but I'll be ordering my Jack jersey here from the store.


Anonymous GTryan said...

Glad to hear JJ is making some noise in the NBA. I think he will beat out Telfair for the starting job this season if he's not the opening day starter. I hated to see him go to Portland though. We never get coverage of them down here (GA) so I won't be able to watch him play much, plus I'm not a big fan of seeing JJ wearing red and black!

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