Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Blog Poll Week #6 Ballot

This is my ballot for Week #6 of the BlogPoll - some commentary added to explain my votes.

#1 - USC
Until they lose, they are #1. Just ridiculously strong running game, and LenDale White is going to make a ton of $$ playing on Sundays.

#2 - VPI&SU
Nice win in between the burning couches. In other news, Marcus Vick is a jerk and while he's the sort of accurate QB I'd love to see play at my school, he's the kind of person I'd never want within a hundred miles of one of our jerseys.

#3 - Texas
The refs were the only ones keeping them from beating Missouri by 50. Next up - exorcising all the Red River Shootout demons.

#4 - Florida State
Still my pick to win the ACC, that defense is awesome. The offense is awesomely bad, but they can run it a little and haven't been turning it over.

#5 - Alabama
Evidently Shula has started sleeping with his secretary - that seemed to be the key to 'Bama blowing out Florida in the past.

#6 - Georgia

#7 - Tennessee
Mahelona + Riggs + Clausen not screwing the pooch = SEC East Championship

#8 - Ohio State
This team bores me. Sweatervests bore me. Everything about Ohio bores me.

#9 - LSU
In college football, you can be a top 10 team on someone else's talent alone.

#10 - Miami
I really don't like this team still, but they deserve to be in the top 10. I can't figure out why the defense isn't quite as good as it should be - there's just a slight hint of dissapointment around this program the last couple of years.

#11 - Notre Dame
Purdue's was probably really overated, but Brady Quinn looks terrific. The ND defense is going to get absolutely carved up by USC in two weeks, Catholics might want to just stay away from the TV.

#12 - Penn State
This is a fun team to watch! They might be the biggest surprise of the season so far, and frankly - I'm cheering for JoePa.

#13 - Michigan State
Way to go and prove all the doubters wrong, Sparty. Now John L. has to get his team off the mat and out of the tank - which I think will happen.

#14 - Boston College
Good physical team, too slow quite yet to win the ACC - but this is going to be a nice season for them.

#15 - Wisconsin
Jump Around! Jump Around! I have absolutey nothing interesting to say about this team.

#16 - Cal
Big game this weekend against UCLA - winner has the inside track to upset USC (not really).

#17 - UCLA
Ditto #16

#18 - Georgia Tech
Winning at Auburn looks pretty good right about now. Beating UNC looks pretty good right about now. Heck, even beating UCONN looks good - they could be in first in the Big East here after beating Syracuse this weekend. Losing badly on the road against a top 3 team does not take away from what GT has done so far, and that's a pretty nice resume.

#19 - Florida
Same resume as GT basically, except their big win was at home (Tennessee) and GT's was on the road (@Auburn) and thus UF is one spot lower. Both got destroyed on the road by better teams.

#20 - Auburn
This team has a boatload of talent, and beating a non-cupcake will validate it. And yes, USC-East is a cupcake right now.

#21 - Texas Tech
KU has a very good defense, people are really underating them. This team will score tons of points on lesser D's, but KU had a very strong pass rush in Lubbock this weekend that messed up the timing a bit. Still a dangerous team in the Big XII South.

#22 - Arizona State
Gotta start winning some games, but playing someone out of the top 10 will help.

#23 - Michigan
Kittens rejoice!

#24 - Wyoming
Someone has to be #24 and #25 - Wyoming gets it this week!

#25 - Louisville
It was a bad week to be a cupcake and have to face them. Wake me up when they play somebody ... nevermind, it's the Big East.


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Nathan - my pre-game GT vs. NCSU preview is up:

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