Sunday, October 02, 2005

Off Weeked

Just watched James Butler make a terrific tackle on kick-off coverage for the Giants. At least someone from GT is playing football this weekend. How did he go undrafted, by the way?

I got some work done around the house, took a nap ... watched the Godfather on TV, you're typical offday during football season. That being said, I did catch a few games as well - and a couple of things really stuck out to me.

I watched mostly Big XII games this weekend when I got a chance (well, and some of that Alabama beatdown of Florida). Nothing sums up just how bad the Big XII north is quite like K-State snapping the ball when their punter isn't even on the field. As the ball bounced around in the end zone and mercifully out for a safety, the realization of the fact that one of these bad football teams will get a chance to play for a BCS bowl bid finally settled in. This is a bad football league this year, with no chance of being better.

Random thoughts from the weekend:

USC wins because of their dominant running game. It isn't flashy offensive schemes and all that other garbage, it's because they can line up and just ram it down your throat. LenDale White is a monster, and one of the most underated players in the country. He's going to be a pretty darn good NFL back when it's all said and done.

Alabama is loaded with talent, but losing Prothro is going to hurt - his explosiveness really helped open up the offense. Croyle is darn good when he's healthy.

Vandy's dream is over.

Clemson fans probably can't even bring themselves to turn on the TV anymore, this is slowly turning into the season from hell.

Fridge can coach.

UVa isn't that good.

Florida State is scarily underated. I still feel they are going to win the ACC, they run the ball well enough that with that defense nothing else matters. They just crushed a very inferior Syracuse team.

Tennessee is going to win the SEC East

USC-East is bad. Steve Spurrier has his work cut out for him, even Duke may have been in better shape when he showed up than Cockville is right now.

Texas took 135 yards in penalties, they can't keep that up.

Kansas has a very good defense that really bottled up Texas Tech. Too bad their offense is prehistoric.

Michigan is a totally different team when Hart is on the field.

Thursday night can't come soon enough, bye weeks after a bad loss are the worst.


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Whoever you are who keeps trying to advertise different links, please quit. It's very very annoying.

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Those annoying comments are automatic spammers. Go to your user setting page and on the "comments" tab, make it where users have to type in a code. It eliminates spambots.

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Yeah, I figure I'll have to turn it on. I've tried to keep it as easy as possible to post comments, but it's getting ridiculous.

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