Monday, September 26, 2005

I put that as just a random sidenote in my blog poll posting, but now it just became darn funny.

From this was just posted a few minutes ago:

What started out as a joke among 20-30 people has gone crazy in the last 48 hours. As stated from the begining, I have a job, life, etc. This is becoming crazy and was never meant to be this large. Radio, newspapers, e-mails, calls, good and bad, I don't need it. This was always for and around a small group of friends. It was never meant to be a rallying point. People are writing me asking me MY opinion on things that I really have little knowledge. I am not a sportswriter and don't want to be. Thanks to everyone.

North Carolina State University is the Prozac of college football - always a good source of self esteem when you are feeling down about yourself.


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