Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I will freely admit, I have never walked into any sporting event and been the best player on the field, and I certainly haven't walked into every sporting event I've ever been in being the best player on the field. So I don't know what the pressure feels like to contribute and deliver to that level of ability on a continual basis. That being said, when GT plays VPI this weekend in Blacksburg, Calvin Johnson will again be the best player on the field, just like he's been for every single football game he's probably played in his life.

He's the best wide receiver in the country right now, and on Saturday he'll have a chance to add to that legacy against a very good team. Great players play great in big games, and reputations are earned against top competition. VPI has a very good defense, and actually has the size in the defensive backfield to bother C.J on those jumpballs he seems to love. However, if we are going to win, he's going to have to have another monster game like he did that sweaty night in Clemson last year. That game was against another top flight corner, in another intimidating road environment, and he simply would not let Tech's offense run out of gas.

So far this season C.J has played well with 13 catches for 255 yards and 2 TD's, averaging an ungodly 19.6 yards per catch. However, he is yet to take a game by the throat and just dominate it in the Randy Moss / T.O sort of fashion. He looked like he might against Auburn, but then cramps slowed him down - and he was merely 'very good' against UNC and UCONN. I think this Saturday is the game he puts up something around 10 catches for 175 yards and a pair of TD's - his "Clemson game" for this year. Beating VPI is going to require our best players to have their best games, and C.J's best game is frighteningly good. I expect to see it on Saturday, and I'll be thrilled to watch the best Tech player since little Joe have his well deserved day in the sun.

For this to happen though, I really think Gailey needs to use a few more routes than the fade and'9' routes that we seem to get stuck in a rut on with C.J - that little 10 yard hitch against UCONN he took to the house is a great example of what a weapon his speed can be in the open field. Getting him the ball a few times on curls or slant routes with a chance to run after the catch can really help soften up the secondary a bit, and lets him use some of his other athletic attributes outside of his leaping. True post routes are always going to be difficult because he is constantly double covered with a safety providing inside help, but I can't remember watching us run an out-n-up or post-corner route ('8' route) at any point. C.J is by far the best weapon we have, it'd be a shame to not try and use him to the greatest effectiveness.


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