Saturday, September 17, 2005

Early Returns

11:40 AM (CST) -

I'm watching the early slate of games here on ESPN / ESPN2 after surviving Gameday and a clearly insane Lee Corso (really coach, Arkansas is going to take it to the 'Cocks today ...)

First impressions of UVa vs. Syracuse ... and man, they miss Walli Lundy. Al Groh looks like he's got the Run N' Shoot out there, down to his 3rd string RB. They are completely negating their own advantage with that massive o-line. If Lundy doesn't get healthy, this could be a long year for the 'Hoos - though Hagans is lethal.

Oregon State and Louisville is making me laugh that cackling Mr. Burns laugh. God Louisville is overated. They will still probably win this game, and might go 11-0, but that's really because they play absolutely no one. Right now the Beavers are just taking it to them.

Eastern Michigan is just getting blown out at the Big House. Not like they ever had a shot, but this was a horrible week to have to go to Ann Arbor.

Noon (CST) -

Amazing how things can change in 20 minutes. Hagans has thrown 2 INT's (including a BAD one in the end zone) and Louisville just piled 2 TD's onto Oregon State.

Ouch, UVa just muffed a punt near midfield - and now it's been overturned. Good Lord this game is hideously ugly. Virginia has got to get healthy in a hurry.

12:12 PM (CST) -

Texas A&M just kicked off against SMU at home - and already blocked a punt for a TD. I need an extra set of hands to juggle the remote here today and keep up on typing as well. Hagans threw another TD pass, but UVa still isn't running the ball at all.


And wow, WVU just scored against Maryland. Poor Fridge, the Mountaineers own them.

12:30 PM (CST) -

I wish I could get a feel for how good UVa's defense is, but Syracuse is just brutal on offense. Hagans is doing his best to keep SU in the game though, 3 INTs in the first half so far.

Louisville is just woodshedding Oregon State now, that Bush kid is a freight train when he gets going. He doesn't have great vision and he's not too shifty - but once he gets moving he just lays the wood to folks.

Michigan is attempting to break GT's record for biggest win. Here's a hint Lloyd Carr - nobody is questioning your ability to blow out patsies, they want to see you beat some top 10 teams. You can stop making the scoreboard spin like some crazed hampster wheel today.

It's 14-6 aTm - though am I the only person who misses the old school white SMU helmets (like Dickerson wore) and not the new blue ones? The old ones were so sweet.

Random factoid of the day - Major Applewhite is the QB's coach at Syracuse. Good for him, and I bet he's a hell of a coach.

2:00 PM (CST) -

So we took advantage of the general suckiness of the early games to run to the grocery store to restock on brats and beer.

UVa is trying very hard to lose to Syracuse. This is horrible, and if I'm a snob I'm trying to find the nearest shower rod. Maryland still is absolutely hexed by WVU. I'll admit I was wrong about Louisville, they are just plastering OSU. I mean, dear God.

The good stuff comes on in about 30 minutes, I'll check back in then.

2:35 PM (CST) -

John just pointed out that Charlie Weis looks like Kurt Warner's wife (and he's a ND homer). Along with wondering what the over/under on the number of concealed weapons at William Brice this afternoon - he's on a roll at the moment.

btw - could Brodie Croyle look anymore like the preppy southern prick than he does? Where's the F250 with the camoflauge Browning sticker on the back and the polished brush guard on the front? You know he owns one. That being said, I hope 'Bama beats them by about 3 TD's.

2:55 PM (CST) -

Michigan State and Alabama are both up 7-0 early - all is right in the world. Oh, and newsflash to ABC, not even in the midwest do people want to watch Nebraska and Pittsburg. Put on Clemson and Miami and be done with it.

3:13 PM (CST) -

Notre Dame and USC-East have tied up their games, the devil is having his due. We've watched some of both Army v. Baylor and Pitt. v. Nebraska to make sure we're getting exposed to everything going on this weekend, but seriously - if you aren't an alumni of one of those 4 schools, there's no way anyone can expect you to actually watch more than 5 minutes.

We're sticking with Notre Dame v. MSU and Alabama v. USC-East today - that seems to be the safe bet.

4:03 PM (CST) -

We're going to be heading to the stadium for KU v. LaTech in about 30 minutes so last update for a while.

Alabama is doing the Lord's work against USC-East, and Clemson is looking good against UM (Whitehurst with a 65 yard run!). Even with their tightend holding onto a TD catch where he was hit so hard he was puking in the end zone, MSU is down to ND.

UCLA up on OU, Iowa is blowing out UNI ... nothing too exciting so far. aTm beat the crap out of SMU in probably the most lopsided game of the day.


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