Friday, September 16, 2005

UCONN Preview

I've been trying to set up "home and home" blog preview spots with opposing teams for this season, but could not find anyone really running a UCONN football blog to write a preview for me. Over on though, dsturdy5 wrote a brief breakdown for the message board crowd.

Follow this link to read his comments.

There's a couple of interesting things going into the game - and one big one that worries me.

#1 - First off, they have a young QB making just his 3rd start (this seems to be a theme for this season so far) and depend mostly on their two outstanding RB's. GT's strength defensively is stopping the run, so this matches up well for us.

#2 - Their defensive backfield is unproven and small, and should have a rough time against C.J and Bilbo who will be able to physically dominate them.

#3 - They have a great return man in Larry Taylor. Honestly, this scares me because our kick coverage has been so poor the first two games. The last thing we need in a game against an inferior opponent is to allow them to break a few big plays in the return game.

(Larry Taylor running free - lets try to avoid this)

In reality, GT is too good of a team to lose to UCONN, but they aren't a cupcake along the lines of Eastern Northern Girl's Preperatory School or some of the other Little Debbie products that teams have been known to play OOC. Tech will have to show up and play well to win this one, but I can't see the senior leaders allowing a letdown to the degree it would take to lose to the Huskies.


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