Sunday, September 11, 2005

Wearing red to a football game ...

I just got back from tailgating starting at 9am, wearing red the entire time. I sat in a sea of beer and deer fans wearing red. Everyone of them. I did the tomahawk chant at a football game, while wearing red. I sat in a historic old stadium, absolutely ear-splitting loud jammed with 77,000 who were suddenly all my best friends. Many of them were wearing jean shorts, and even some camo. There were mullets out of control. In this middle of this, I drank beer, ate brats and screamed my head off.

I did all this, and didn't feel a single twinge of guilt. Missouri and Kansas residents wearing red are pretty cool people, and I challenge you to find a better game day experience ANYWHERE for any sport that is better than Arrowhead Stadium on a fall Sunday. Oh, and the Chiefs just crushed the J-E-T-S 27-7 by just running the football right down their throats. Key Fox played well on special teams and on defense (he's backing up Kendrell Bell, a leghumper but a good one).

I'm tired and slightly sunburned, I'll watch the GT game from yesterday and put my thoughts up later, though I'm pretty freaking stoked that we managed to avoid that hideous trap game we've seemed to have the habit of stumbling on.


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