Monday, September 12, 2005

Buzz vs. Cocky

Buzz held on and won his opening match of the Capital One Bowl Mascot challenge against the plastic shoulderpad wearing "Purdue Pete" and now is matched up against "Cocky" from USC-East for week #2.

Now, seriously - Cocky is one of the lamest mascot's in college sports. First off he's a dead rip-off of KU's "Big Jay", except with a skirt. If it wasn't for the slightly different color of red, you couldn't tell them apart. Which brings up an interesting point, is there anything original that USC-East has ever done? Their grand entrance to a football game is to the tunes of "2001 A Space Odyssey", their football tradition is one of uninterrupted sucking, and they rip their mascot off from someone else's.

Separated at birth?

To cap it all off, they have one of the most delusional and retarded (in the medical sense) fanbases in all of southern sports. Newsflash USC-East fans, you have never been good. Ever. You won't be good this year. You won't be good next year. You won't suddenly develop a successful tradition of a winning football program just because Lou Holtz shows up. Oh sorry, because Steve Spurrier shows up. When you hire a washed up and semi-retired Bob Stoops 20 years from now, YOU ARE STILL GOING TO SUCK. I know you so desperately want to be UGA or UT that it hurts, but you gotta face reality. Some people in life just aren't destined to be anything but failures, and in this case that seems to be South Carolina.

So anyways, go here to vote for Buzz and keep reminding USC-East of it's place in the world. Dead Last.


Blogger Dan said...

"When you hire a washed up and semi-retired Bob Stoops 20 years from now, YOU ARE STILL GOING TO SUCK."

Now that's funny.

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

True, the history of Gamecock football is exceedingly mediocre, but one more Gamecock (George Rogers) than Yellow Jacket has won the Heisman. And the program's suckage has been interrupted with rare bits of success, such as knocking off Ohio State twice in the Outback Bowl.

2:07 PM  
Blogger Nathan said...

I seriously hope you aren't trying to compare the historic success of the GT and USC football programs ...

4 National Championships and wins in every major bowl pretty much trumps "knocking off Ohio State twice in the Outback Bowl." ... did you forget to mention that USC-East has only won 1 other bowl game in it's history?

GT even at it's very, very worst never went 102 years without a win in a bowl game.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Uhhmmm -- no, I wasn't trying to compare programs (note the phrases "exceedingly mediocre" and "rare bits of success" re Gamecock football history). In fact, I'm a Tech fan -- just one who was bringing a bit of balance in order to offset comments which were 100% negative, hence incorrect, about another school's program.

5:02 AM  

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