Sunday, September 18, 2005

Getting Amped for Blacksburg, UT fans have bad teeth, and welcome to the ACC for BC

Despite the fact that I live in one of the craziest college sports mad towns in America (Lawrence, KS) and that it's a 5 minute walk to Allen Field House from my front door - our local cable doesn't carry ESPN U. Couldn't find a bar in town with it either.

Well, no loss - I have season tickets to KU football, so I went and enjoyed a beautiful evening in Memorial Stadium and watched KU beat a pretty good La. Tech team 34-14. Of course, I was sweating the GT score updates and wondering why Bennett was playing (not a good shock to see him in the boxscore). KU is 3-0 now, and has a pretty good defense. Unfortunately, their offense is just horribly bad and they are going to have a battle to get the 3 more wins they need for a bowl bid. If you want to impress your friends in the next couple of years, start talking about what a steal linebacker Nick Reid is going to be in the NFL draft, the guy is a ridiculous tackling machine.

Funniest moment of the night though, was when Jon and I showed up at our seats ... there was a student sitting there in full Volunteers gear (orange hat, t-shirt and tight jean shorts). He started to smile at us and obviously needed serious dental care (memo to Tennessee, dentists can repair rotten teeth now). If it wasn't so ridiculously stereotypical that the only UT fan in the entire state was suffering from poor dental hygiene and wore jean shorts, we would have laughed. Guy was really nice and cheered for KU while sweating out his score updates from The Swamp, but it was just too perfect.

6 days until the biggest GT game since ... 1998(?) and our starting QB is in the hospital. Chan Gailey has some brutal luck, and right now I just want Reggie to get healthy. Then beat VT.

Oh yeah - nothing says welcome to the ACC like getting your butt handed to you by F$U. Everybody else has been there, it's a write of passage. Welcome aboard, Boston College. It sure was funny watching 15k F$U fans celebrate as they cut up chunks of your FieldTurf to take home.


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