Friday, November 04, 2005

Things I'd Love to See Tommorow

  1. Damarius Bilbo returning kickoffs. Clemson almost beat us with a starting WR returning a kick last weekend, Ohio State uses BOTH of their starting WR's on kickoffs, there's tons of precedent set on starters in this game breaking position. Gailey's refusal to use starters in these spots is my #1 complaint with him, and I'd just love to watch us return a kick past the 20 yard line for once. Our kickoff return team is horrible - and replacing one backup with another backup just isn't going to help. Right now, every kickoff I hope we take a touchback, because it's gaurenteed to be at least at the 20 and you can't turn it over.

  2. Tashard Choice in the passing game. The guy has nice hands and is pretty scary in the open field. His huge 3rd down conversion was one of the plays of the game last week, and those screen / swing routes are throws that Ball makes fairly well. This is another arrow in the offensive quiver, and Lord knows we need everything we can get.

  3. Gold in the stands. It looked awesome on TV last week, and I'm glad to see we are finally getting a push out there for a consistent fan appearance - that's a big part of an intimidating gameday atmosphere.

  4. Vance Walker. Man am I impressed with him so far, he's going to be special by the time he's done on the flats - he just seems to make plays everytime he's on the field.

  5. A healthy Joe Anoai. This goes without saying.

  6. A pass that hits C.J in stride and lets him run with it. If we throw short routes to him 5 times, he's going to break one. He's our best player, the ball should be in his hands as often as possible.

  7. Lasty ... a win. 6-2 is nice, no matter how you get to it. I'm happy with 10-9, I'd be happy with 2-0. Winning games is what it's about, and I fully expect we'll get another tommorow. I know some people pine for the days of GOL and huge scores, but frankly I don't care. As long as the good guys have more points than the bad guys, I'm going to be happy. Ohio State won a national championship with defense and a field goal kicker, and I'm not going to turn that down (not that we are going to threaten for a MNC soon, but we can go 8-4 / 9-3 this year and that's not to be sneezed at).


Anonymous GTryan said...

Good game today. Great win. I wish we would have thrown to Calvin more though. He had several 1 on 1 matchups and we didn't throw his way. Not complaining, just would like to have seen some short passes and let him make his man miss.

On another note, are you not doing the whole get a blogger from the upcoming opponent anymore? It was always interresting to read what they had to say.

Love the blog! New changes look great - keep up the great work!


7:36 PM  
Blogger Nathan said...

Yeah, I had trouble finding bloggers from a couple of the schools (Duke, Wake - no football bloggers).

I should have one for each of the upcoming opponents though (trying to get Ian from for the UVa game, PWD for UGA, etc)

7:15 AM  
Anonymous GTryan said...

I thought it would be hard to find bloggers for Duke and Wake, but I thought you might be able to find a Clemson blogger.... heh, I could think of a lot of jokes to insert there, but I'll pass.

Hey, do you plan on doing the opponent bloggers for basketball also? Speaking of basketball - It's good to hear I'm not the only one who thinks Jeremis Smith has the coolest tat in GT histroy! I know yo uposted that a long time ago, but I've always thought that too. That web is something serious.

10:53 AM  

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