Thursday, December 29, 2005

And the beat goes on ...

Tenuta clearly isn't the best d-coordinator in football, and everyone afraid of him taking a head coaching job are insane. Our defensive gameplan couldn't have possibly been worse, and he refused to make any adjustments during the game. A complete F- for Tenuta.

Gailey can't utilize on of the best WR corps in the nation and looked lost almost the entire game. He never adapted to the field conditions and our offense put up 7 points on the board outside of the fluketastic Hail Mary. The team came out flatter than week old Coke, the offense was a disaster and we got embarassed again on national TV. A complete F- for Gailey.

Reggie Ball just can't throw the football. If he's the QB next year, we win 7 or 8 games. Reggie Ball is to Chan Gailey as Quincy Carter to Jim Donnan. Watching some random juco transfer on the other side of the field throw the ball with precision and accuracy just reinforced what a poor thrower Ball really is. A complete F- for Ball.

Actually, a complete F- for the entire team.


Blogger Genay said...

Nice Picture...This game feels like I just failed a Thermodynamics final after having a solid B all quarter..

Final Grade on 2005: D

6:37 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

PJ and D-Bo looked like the only two seniors that wanted to be on that football field. Gailey once again forgot that he had a running back averaging over 6 yards a carry because their D actually stopped two run plays in a row and that means we should throw for the rest of the half. Reggie looked absolutely terrible and his body language between plays was no better. He should have gotten a new tattoo that said "I don't want to be here." Johnny T met his worst nightmare; an actual pocket passer with a decent offensive line. That game showed what a down year it was for ACC QB's. Of course we stayed with the blitz and zone coverage even though it wasn't working (something I've bitched about since his tenure at Tech). Hooray for 7-5 again.

Finally, we need a new team rule that anybody trash talking while getting their ass handed to them by a 6-5 mid-major team starts running laps during the game.

9:15 AM  

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