Sunday, December 18, 2005

School? What's that?

Congratulations to the seniors who graduated yesterday, it's very easy to forget that college sports are supposed to be about "students" competing in athletics, not athletes pretending to be students. 7 current football players graduated yesterday as part of the Fall Commencement ceremonies, and congratulations are certainly in order for Eric Henderson, Damarius Bilbo, Robbie Rollins, Dennis Davis, Dawan Landry, Salih Besirivic and Rueben Houston. For all 7 and their families, I'm sure this was as great a moment as anything they have accomplished on the field - and easily as much a source of pride.

It's been a great 4 years cheering for those guys, and with only one game left in their college careers lets hope it goes out with a bang for them. For those with continuing football careers, and for those who are going into the "real world" with the rest of us, a degree from in the Institute will go a long way in opening doors for sucess in the future. In one way it's sad ... #8 won't be in the White and Gold next year for the first in what seems like forever, but in another way it's happy because we know he accomplished a major step in his life and maturation. Good luck and God Bless for all 7 of you.

(Big EH always has a smile, we're going to miss you)


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