Friday, December 16, 2005

Stuff and ... Stuff

Lots of quick hit stuff to cover before we go into full on bowl preview mode over the weekend - so here goes:

  • There's another new GT blog: YellowBlazer's World - go check it out. More GT blogs = GOOD. I assume you already check GTSports, WreckRamblin' and What's the Good Word each day, so add it to the list.

  • German GQ gets it sooooooooooo right.

  • The whole Thad Young mini-drama got me thinking about my opinions on the role of the internet and recruiting, so expect some vitriol directed that way soon on this site.

  • The couple of weeks around Christmas is the slowest sports time of the year, I'm itching for GT to take the court again on the 22nd. That being said, this time off is great for our young team to hit the practice court again and let Hewitt keep pounding the fundamentals home. Look for improved performances the next couple of games out after the break.

  • Thanks to the ACC for sending GT to the left coast again, I'm actually going with my wife to cheer for her Jayhawks in the Fort Worth Bowl and having to watch the GT game on T.V - yet another bowl game I can't realistically go to.

  • College basketball in general is a huge mish-mosh of average teams, other than Duke and UCONN nobody has stood out to me. This should be a wild ACC season, and even crazier NCAA tournament - college basketball is very "down" from a talent standpoint this year and many of the mid-majors have teams just as strong as the traditional conferences.

  • Matt Leinart lives the life every male under 30 dreams of.

  • My Bucs are going to beat the Patriots in Boston this weekend and take a big step towards winning the AFC South. In other news, Michael Vick and the only Atlanta franchise I can't cheer for still suck.


Blogger Barron said...

Great site here man! I'm trying to get a Penn State site off the ground. Maybe your readers can check it out.


8:50 AM  
Blogger Dan said...

"My In other news, Michael Vick and the only Atlanta franchise I can't cheer for still suck."

I will cut you.

1:05 PM  

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