Friday, December 30, 2005

My immediate thoughts after the game ...

Actual live e-mail exchange between myself and Paul Westerdawg of the Georgia Sports Blog after yesterday's complete and shameful faceplant (warning: profanity implied).

"decatur dawg" <****>
Subject: agree with your note about reggie, but
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 15:19:00 +0000

I don't get why so many Techies are so pissed at Reggie.

it was Tenuta, Gailey and the defense that I would be livid about. That was
the most chicken **** plan and motivation I've ever seen.

From: Nathan
To: decatur dawg <****>
Subject: Re: agree with your note about reggie, but
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 07:53:31 -0800 (PST)

In order of what I'm mad at:

#1 - The ACC for having a deal in place with the most chicken **** bowl
game I've ever seen. Simply being in that game is a ******* joke, from
the field to the stands to the ****** TV presentation (Pam Ward!) to
everything - it's a ******* joke. I went to the Fort Worth Bowl in
person and it was 10x a nicer game than that ******* joke of a game.
Swofford is a braindead moron when it comes to football, and sending
teams to ****** Boise and some ******* baseball only stadium with a
warning track through the end zone and C.J making a catch on a warmup
mound in the bullpen is just beyond gawdawful. I wouldn't even wish
that game on UGa.

#2 - The GT "community" for quitting on said bowl from the moment it
was announced. Hard to expect the coaches and players to get fired up
for a game when you boo it's announcement and spend a month making fun
of it and saying you got screwed. This is to you Mr. Braine, the people on The Hive, Stingtalk, the AJC, BuzzOFF and my blog - everywhere people made fun of the game. We got what we deserved.

#3 - "Sooper Genious" Tenuta for being a stubbon ass and insisting on
playing zone all game long when it was clear that nobody could cut and
react on that **** field. Houston and Scott think they are NFL players,
if so they should be able to man cover some ******* white divion 3
transfer WR by themselves. Our defensive gameplan reeked of Cuervo from
Tenuta's trip to Mexico to celebrate being a "sooper genious"
instead of actually doing anything. Putrid effort, simply putrid.

#4 - Chan Gailey for having the worst offensive gameplan I've ever
seen, and continuing to play the worst QB I've ever seen. Reggie Ball
isn't the answer, stop hamstringing our offense with him. Get a grip on
the weather/field conditions for the love of god and use the greatest
weapon you've ever had. Gary Pinkel wasted Brad Smith's career at
Mizzou, Gailey is wasting Calvin Johnson's and it's a ******* shame.
Reggie Ball simply can't throw over the middle or really down the field
either - and since he can't, find yourself a QB who can.

#5 - The players for quitting. That last TD run was ugly and shameful
and really just added insult to injury to a group who had taken such
pride in their play this year. That's a really bad note to start next
season on. Of course, it's GT - so expect us to beat ND to open the
season. It's what we do. Heck though, expect a loss to Army in the next
two seasons too ... that's also what we do.

"decatur dawg" <****>
Subject: Re: agree with your note about reggie, but
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 16:42:29 +0000

Holy. ****.

This is one of the best rants that I've ever read in my life. PLEASE POST
THIS (with or without the profanity) on your site. PLEASE.

It is BEYOND spectacular. It's the panultimate moment of frustrated
fan zen. It has the passion of my barely understandable rant of death from
the endzone upper endzone in Columbia, SC in 2000 after the 5 INT game lost
to a team that had gone 1-21 over the past 2 seasons. However, unlike my
rant on that fateful is well thought out and logical.

BTW -- I agree so much with you on #1. It is a JOKE that the ACC
entered deals with the Boise and San Fran bowls. It's ****tard management to
put a conference team in that position.

Did you read Orson's writeup on the game? He nails it..only without the
passion or depth that you do. Gailey is just a medicore coach. There
are 117 teams in Division I. 56 go to bowls. When the 47th percentile of
success gets a bowl game, that's rewarding mediocrity.

If there were only 20 bowls, GT would have a new coach by now.

Orson and Stranko of gave a preview and then review of the Emerald (Utah's) Nut(s in GT's face) Bowl - excellent as well, though thouroughly shameful for Tech fans. I think yesterday finally did for me what even 41-17 to Duke did not ... pushed me off the ChanWagon.



Blogger Brian said...

you missed a "fuck" in "fucktard."

Of course this comment also has said offensiveness in it.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Gooch said...

I’m posting this on all boards….I'm calling out all the Chan Bashers. I'm tired of listening to it, so put up or shut up. If you truly feel the way you say call Dave Braine and let him know. His number is 1-404-894-5411. I'm tired of seeing nothing but the negative comments on here. Do something about it and then let it go. By the way, until yesterday I was a Chan supporter, now I have come over to the dark side. And yes, I called Braine already.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, man. You shouldn't have to take calculus AND watch that crap, too.

2:31 PM  

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