Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The camera adds 10 pounds

Ugh. Here's a picture of the play, and it certainly appears that Smith has his arms close to the body and not extended into Washington - he simply outjumped him and made a terrific play. What made it worse was that the call was made by the ref out near halfcourt, and not the one near under the basket who had the best view of the play.

Angra over at The Hive made a couple of video captures of the "over the back" call to end the game against VT, as well as Jeremis' sick reverse alley-oop earlier in the game. I suggest watching the first as few times as possible and the latter quite a few more - it'll be better for your health.

I don't hate the ACC, I don't think the refs are out to get us, I don't think it's some giant "North Carolina Schools" conspiracy - but I do think officiating in the ACC in general is terrible, and that call last night was horrendous and cost GT an essential road victory if this young team is going to make the N.I.T - there's a lot of things that went wrong (Zam shooting 9 3's to start with), but that is a road game that this team should have won, and road wins in conference are huge no matter how you get them. On the bright side, the effort level has continued to climb during the conference season, and Ra'Sean Dickey is playing like the manchild he should be right now.


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