Wednesday, February 22, 2006

We have an AD!

Dan Radakovich will be the 7th athletics director in Georgia Tech history, per the AJC. He was previously the senior associate athletics director at LSU, and brings a wealth of administrative and organizational experience to the GT job. He's had extensive experience with BCS caliber college football, and was responsible for LSU's football program from scheduling through day to day administration. He also worked closely with the basketball and baseball programs in Baton Rouge.

No offense to Bill Curry, who's been a wonderful Tech man and who we can hopefully keep involved in the program (that will be Radakovich's first big trick - keeping the "old guard" on board) and in fund raising, but it's obvious that the Tech athletics department has been a ship lost at sea for the last few years, with no clear direction and organizational control. People not going to NCAA briefings, transcripts being wrongly certified, academic advising and oversite in a general malaise, etc. There's a ton of work to do to overhaul the entire department, but I am excited to see we actually made a solid hire and it was someone with a background in a school were athletic success on the field was a priority - no offense to the Ivy League, but we like our football at Tech.

Honestly, I was worried that Clough and company might bomb this hire and turn us into Vanderbilt or Cal Tech, and while Radakovich might turn out to be a complete bust, his previous track record says that's a fairly low risk. I'm actually pretty enthused about this hire, and look forward to seeing what changes will be made - though most of the work will be internal and hopefully invisible to the average fan.


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