Monday, March 06, 2006

Busy Weekend

Yikes, my birthday was this weekend and my wife had a bunch of school stuff going on (she got accepted at Columbia for grad school, among other events) so I didn't have much time here. Of course, that means a ton of stuff went on including a bad loss to Clemson, Lance Storrs committing to GT and the requisite rumbling about transfers and future GT players Crittenton and Lawal winning state championships. Lot of meat to chew on over the next couple of days.

Just to leave you with something, you can check out highlights of the players named McDonald's All-American at this link: ... you can also download the video from there. Thad has a couple of sick dunks and a sweet post move right at the beginning, it's worth a viewing and should help with the bad taste in your mouth from losing twice to Clemson in the same year.


Anonymous Longtime Lurking Reader said...

Well, geez, if no one else is going to say it, then let me...

Happy birthday, Nathan!

(And keep up the good work :))

2:56 PM  
Blogger Philip said...

Happy birthday Tornado...Too bad you are not in the G-Vegas for a night at Cabangas...

5:10 PM  

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