Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Chris Rix Sr. Pops Off

Look, Chris Rix Sr. has a reputation - and it's not a good one, unfortunately. He has a history of substance abuse and of rambling into the FSU athletic department blowing up at staffers. He has a history of going off in the press. He has a history of blaming Bobby Bowden for ruining his son's career as a Seminole. In short, he's a monster emberassment to his son (who for all his struggles has carried himself with class and while not a terrific quarterback seems to be a solid human being in the end).

So today in the AJC, Tony Barnhart writes a completely sappy and fairly worthless (surprise!) piece on the legacy of Bowden and Paterno. It's a totally forgettable column until you get to the comments section ... where one Chris Rix Sr. raises his head again and just blows up Bowden (and yes, it likely is Rix Sr. Moderators from Warchant.com confirm it's similar in style and substance to what he's said before, and it matches with personality).

Back away from the buffet table, Tony, and put down the Kool-Aid! Keep swallowing marshmellows and pretty soon you’ll wind up with a bad case of Lyme Disease. Coaches cutting academic corners? Let me tell you a story. In Dec. of 2003, I found my son was lagging in some of his courses. I talked to the Academic Athletic Support Director at FSU, the President, the AD, the Compliance guy, and then made an appointment with Coach Bowden’s secretary to see him one hour after I talked to the Compliance guy. I got to his office because I was not to pleased when the Academic guy says: “I failed your son, Chris”. While I’m cooling my heels, two FSU police show up carrying automatics, and, catch this, say they are here to “escort me from the building”, as “per Bob Minnix (the compliance guy I just talked to”, due to Coach Bowden’s “bowl preparations”. and Bowden calls you guys (journalists) cowards? In bed pulling for our boys overseas. What a load of crap. What battle has Bowden won that somebody else didn’t fight for him. Big Patton buff. Ever read the story about his hare-brained scheme to send 300 men 60 miles into enemy-territory to rescue his son-in-law at a POW camp? Great read. Oh, about 25 men get killed, and his son-in-law gets shot in the butt, but hey, nobody questions Patton. Sounds like the “Chris Rix be the scapegoat” story until my son gets his coaching training wheels off? Big talk about God, but breaks the 1st Commandment by having a great big statue of himself sitting outside his temple. One version of being a Christian: lay your Son’s life down for everybody else. Bobby’s version? Lay others lives down for my son. Iknow, I watched it personnally. House at the beach? Sure, isn’t that what it’s all about? Got one for Tommy, when he dumped FSU’s title hopes to save his son’s job, IN MY OPINION. Just check his axles for the blood and guts of others. As far as I’m concerned, Barkhart, the right question is “What the hell are people like you doing to the game?”

I'm sorry for Rix Jr. after reading that. When that's your dad, you aren't exactly off to a fast start in life. And while Rix did receive his fair share of criticism from FSU fans and the media, you can't blame Bowden for that ... if anything he stuck by him too much and kept running Rix out as the starting QB when he was clearly struggling to get it done on the field.

Memo to Rix Sr:

Bowden didn't make your son park in handicap spaces. He didn't make him oversleep and miss class. He didn't make him throw all those boneheaded interceptions. He didn't make him lose to Miami five times in a row (granted, that's not entirely his fault - but he shares a large burden of the blame).

Your son seems like a fine person overall. He wasn't a terrific quarterback, but that's not a great crime against humanity. While he didn't deserve all the flack he got from fans, he certainly did a portion of it - that's the nature of being the highest profile athlete in a state rabid for college football. All in all though, Chris can hold his head high and move on with his life knowing he gave it his best shot and it just didn't work out.

You on the other hand are a drunken, overbearing lout and need to stop carrying this "cross" for your son. Your escapades in the press, the FSU athletic department offices and wherever else you decide to shoot off your mouth don't do anything but emberrass yourself and your son. For the benefit of all of us, go drink your Beast Light from a can in the swamp and stick to shaking your fist in anger at the blue hair vacationers driving south. The less the rest of us have to hear from you, the better off we will be.



Anonymous O'Neal said...

Chris Jr. is a wonderful person who has trusted God in the past and I am sure he will continue each day. While in school, he is a great individual that whenever diversity came his way, some to his own fault, he still had a smile on his face and admitted to his faults. I was proud as a parent to let my children meet him. After a Garnet and Gold Spring Game, between classes; Christopher stayed and signed autographs took pictures and was an encouragement to children, peers, etc. I hate the way things turn out, but he is not the first college player for this to happen too and he will not be the last. However, unless we are in someone else’s shoes we can never judge that person and their reasoning and I am sure Christopher Jr. would agree. As a parent, I can understand Chris Sr. not wanting his child to be taken advantage of even parents with substance abuse cares about their children, often times they show it differently. However, as parents we have to learn to Let Go and Let God. When children become of age it is then~ they have to learn to fight their own battles, Christopher Jr. has become this man, we seen it when he was on the field and off, and in time I am sure whatever feelings he has it will come from him and not other sources. Christopher will always have our family prayers…

6:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Rix is one of the bigger douchebags I have ever met. As president of a major fraternity at FSU while he was playing, he ran for Student Body president and had to speak with each of us to secure the Greek vote. In 5 minutes I determined that not only does Chris Rix only care about himself, but he's just one of the hundreds of atheletes (David Pollack anyone) who refer to God often and always to generate some feel-good publicity when in reality he might be the biggest asshole on the planet. I hope Chris Rix falls off a cliff.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Rix is going down in the history books as the WORST quarterback in FSU history and he deserves it! I attended FSU at the same time as Chris and can tell you that he was the most arrogant pri*# in the entire city of Tallahassee. Guess he didnt fall to far from the tree because his dad seems to be a lunatic who doesnt want to hokd his son responsible for his own actions. I too was a member of a fraternity and he Chris would have lost that election if he were running against Spurrier!

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris has turned into a great kid and a very successful announcer with FOX. He will be the first to tell you he made mistakes in college, acted like a prick sometimes and that it wasn't anyones fault he failed. He also has no choice but to put up with his Dad and try to help him.

1:17 PM  

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