Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Eric Henderson a steal?

Todd McShay (Link - ESPN Insider) has listed the top 10 undrafted free agent signings, and Eric Henderson is #3.
3. Eric Henderson, DE, Georgia Tech -- Cincinnati Bengals
Injuries hampered Henderson throughout his collegiate career and caused him to go undrafted. He also lacks ideal height and has room to improve in terms of his lower body strength and ability to anchor versus the run. However, Henderson's outstanding athletic ability, instincts, upper-body power and motor make him an intriguing free agent to monitor in training camp this summer. If Henderson can kick the injury bug and reach his full potential, the Bengals could be rewarded.
I think Henderson can have an impact in the NFL, where the ability to rush the pasher will always get someone a look or two or five. He has to have some good luck and finally stay healthy though, and that's just a huge question mark for him unfortunately. James Butler has made it work for him, and Henderson looked like an NFL player when he was able to take the field - so I won't be surprised at all to see him doing well for the Bengals in camp and making the 53 man roster.


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