Monday, May 01, 2006

Undrafted Free Agents

Last year it was James Butler who went undrafted, signed with the NY Giants and ended up the incoming starter at free safety this year for them. Around 75-150 undrafted free agents end up sticking in the NFL each year (some on practice squads, some on active rosters) and even more play in NFL Europe waiting for their chances. From news reports so far, here's where Tech's undrafted players ended up:

Eric Henderson - Cincinatti Bengals
Chris Reis - Atlanta Falcons
Damarius Bilbo - Arizona Cardinals
Gavin Tarquinio - Atlanta Falcons

Of those guys, I bet Henderson and Tarquino have the best shots of sticking. Henderson because he can rush the pasher, one of the most valuable skills in the NFL (obviously, if he gets hurt again in camp that's another story) and Tarquino because he's a long snapper and those guys are always floating around the league. Good luck to all them, and hopefully they find their niche in the league and go on to successful careers - either in football, or in their lives after footaball.


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