Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Like a Crack Addict and are seriously the two greatest inventions in modern man's recent history. Now pathetic shaking addicts like myself can satiate our desires for college football year round. I'm honestly not sure how I made my way through previous offseasons without these wonderful sites to get me over the hump.

One of the best hits from last year was Miami linebacker Jon Beason absolutely destroying Colorado QB Joel Klatt on a block as Klatt was attempting (with no chance) to stop a defensive TD. Beason was actually flagged for unneccessary roughness on the play, which was basically the referee ruling that a hit so vicious couldn't possibly be clean no matter what it looked like. When the QB flies 5 yards in the air, it's gotta be a flag somewhere - at least that had to be the line of reasoning.

Most underated part of the scene though? Backup defensive tackle Kareem Brown (#99) making the "U" sign to the crowd and strutting around ... while his teammate is still 25 yards from the end zone. Nice hustle to keep up with the play there big boy.


Blogger Dan said...

I remember watching that game live and couldn't believe they threw a flag on that play. If the QB wants to try and play hero on a TO he needs to be prepared to get hit the mouth.

9:36 AM  
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