Thursday, March 16, 2006


I got a number of e-mails from people wondering if I was alright after the tornados last weekend in the midwest - and yes, I seem to be in one piece and nothing substantial we owned was damaged, so that was good. We didn't have power for a while and that forced a thawing of our freezer (which was no fun), but other than that nothing too serious. I did get to watch a several ton construction dumpster being lifted into the air though, and that was entertaining to a point - as was the car sitting on it's owners roof(!). Lawrence only got hit with "micro-bursts" which are like baby tornados, the storm got much worse as it moved east and spawned full blown twisters all over Missouri which we thankfully escaped - what we got was enough, thank you very much. Thank you for everyone that wrote me concerned after the pictures I posted or who had seen the twisters on the news, it made for an interesting weekend and early week but that was about it.

March Madness begins today, and I have the next two off of work. I'll have updates all day long as I sit firmly on my couch with the remote.

Finally, just as a random comment not sports related at all - My college memories include linear algebra finals, eating at the V, driving I-75 from Chattanooga to Atlanta and back ... and getting rocked by Sevendust at every tiny venue in Atlanta. I saw them again last night here in KC, and while everyone is 6-7 years older than the last time I saw them they still put on a tremendous live show. I've never been a huge fan of their albums (something just doesn't carry over to recordings for them), but their live shows are absolutely tremendous. For those of you in your mid-20's reading this who went to school about the same time as I did ... you probably know what I'm talking about.

Games tip in 1 hour and 20 minutes. I can't wait - the single best sporting weekend of the year, no contest.


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