Sunday, April 23, 2006

I'm not dead ...

Yikes, the last month has been beyond hectic. I've had a monster project at work (yada, yada, we're all engineers nobody wants to hear it), and my wife got accepted to Columbia University for her M.A - so planning a move to Manhattan at the same time has pretty much eaten my time. Added to the fact that the end of the basketball season basically sucked the excitement out of me for a while and you get a month in between updates.

On the bright side, GT athletics has been quite busy over the last month and heck ... today alone was better than most program's years. There was a TV replay of Thad Young's monster MVP performance in the Jordan Classic, the men's golf team tied for the ACC Championship with Cameron Tringale winning the individual title, baseball finished off a sweep of FSU in Tallanasty and the women's tennis team won the ACC title as well. That's a pretty solid day for the GT athletic department, to say the least.

JacketDan from What's the Good Word is going to start writing somewhat regularly on this site as well - we both have real jobs and this is just for entertainment, but it will be easier to have more content on the site with multiple writers participating. He has an article on Zam Fredrick's transfer that I'll put up tommorow morning. I also have a highlight collection of Thad Young's Jordan Classic appearance that will be going up tonight or tommorrow (basically, when I finish it and stop watching the NBA playoffs). In other words, it's safe to actually check back in here - there will be new content for the first time in forever.

Oh, and if anyone is a GT fan from the NYC area - I'm all ears if you know a bar that caters to Yellow Jackets ... football season is going to be killer stuck in the northeast.


Anonymous Gooch said...

There is a GT alumni group in NYC. They wath the games at various bar's in the city. If you sign up at the ir web site on the GTAA web site they will e-mail you notices of events.

Binghamton, NY

9:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No sympathy from me! I will be stuck in Detroit.

Seriously, good to see you posting again! I was really beginning to miss your blog!


7:53 PM  

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