Thursday, March 16, 2006

Best Weekend of the Year (Thursday Edition)

10:31am - I'm #5,512 in the VIP line for's March Madness on Demand. Hopefully they don't totally choke the feed out, I paid for it last year and it was well worth it. God Bless the internet.

I also finished picking my brackets for our family pool ... and I'm already regretting picking Iowa for the Final Four. My bracket will be on fire on my porch in about 4 hours. I should have put paint on my dog's paws and let him walk around it like my first plan.

O/U on first taunting phone call to friends stuck at work? 37 minutes.

10:55am - Drew Nicholas just ran down the tunnel again on SportsCenter. It's still funny every time I see that shot, of course I'm also not a UNC-W alumn. Oh, and big suprise on the #1 buzzer beater - Bryce Drew the coaches sun. Games can't start fast enough, I'm getting the shakes and I'm starting to drive my dog nuts.

10:59am - I just noticed the "Boss Button" on the March Madness on Demand video player. I've never been so proud to be an American.

11:10am - What on earth is Clark Kellog saying? He makes absolutely no sense. Someone sedate him and put Jay Bilas in the booth as an intelligent replacement. Thank you.

11:20am - Wichita State and Seton Hall tip off the tournament. I see a lot of MVC games out here in the KC area, and I'm not very impressed with most of the teams. That being said, I think WSU pulls this one off. Emergency Taco Bell run might in order right here, or it could be hours before food.

11:34am - Taunting phone calls to JW and Phil complete with Wichita State and UW-M both out to early leads. Gotta love the mid majors! UW-M is extremely athletic by the way, and they just ran an excellent alley-oop that left a guy making a chin-up on the rim.

12:07pm - WSU is just blowing out Big East powerhouse Seton Hall. Somewhere Billy Packer is quivering in a corner screaming "noooooooooo" like Hayden Christiansen at the end of Star Wars Ep. 3

12:23pm - I just realised that every member of BC is wearing headbands. I could not hate them more, I even caught myself cheering for Duke in the ACC title game. I think it's Dudley and Marshall that I especially dislike, or maybe the fact they are just northern thugs as a group - I can't tell.

12:36pm - San Diego State's arena is emptied out while they examine a "suspicious package". I sincerely hope this is being over careful and not a true threat to a sporting venue. What a down note to hit during the first halftime break.

On an another note - I forgot about the Master's commercials all during the tournament. I love this time of year.

12:51pm - Nothing says "March Madness" quite like back to back commercials featuring Coach K and then Dick Vitale.

12:59pm - Taj Gray just blocked a shot by putting his arm through the rim and rocked the whole goal to boot. No goaltending call, Billy Packer must have been one of the officials. Doesn't matter, UW-M is up by 9 and seems to be in control of the game from the tip today.

1:06pm - Just got my first - "I should have just donated my money to a charity instead" phone call.

1:23pm - Seton Hall hasn't even attempted to make a comeback, they are down by 18 with 3:44 left and are absolutely toast. Scratch one Big East team. Of course, they lost to Rutgers (TWICE!) so maybe we should have seen this coming.

1:26pm - Speaking of comebacks, Terrell Everett is trying to will OU back into this against UW-M ... but Taj Gray just fouled out. I don't think OU has it in them, but this has the potential to be the first great finish of the tournament.

1:38pm - WSU polished off Seton Hall by 20, and UW-M is taking care of business down the stretch against OU. Billy Packer is now officially in the fetal position. Boston College is fighting for their lives against Pacific, only interesting game on right now.

1:47pm - BC and Pacific just ran the two worst end of game plays in the history of the tournament on back to back possessions to end the game. You can't tell me Skinner seriously drew up a play in the time out for Craig Smith to dribble the ball up the court under pressure. Or maybe he did, who knows. Overtime coming up.

2:06pm - Craig Smith is an absolute man, only BC player I can stand. If Jeremis Smith can become Craig Smith Lite by the time he's a senior I'll be ecstatic. He just canned two free throws with under 5 seconds left to send their game against Pacific to Double OT. Heck of a start to the tournament. I also have BC going to the Elite 8, so this is basically my bracket's life hanging by a thread right now.

2:11pm - Shawne Williams with the dunk of the tournament so far. He left from waaaay back in the lane to throw that down on the break. Looks like the wheels are starting to fall off for Pacific.

2:18pm - The sigh of relief from every office park in America was heard on the moon I think. Boston College saved approximately 16,293 brackets by pulling out that win in Double OT (surprisingly enough, they also managed to cover the spread which was a hefty +7.5).

2:55pm - I am watching Alabama and Marquette solely because Jay Bilas is calling the game. I actually learn something about basketball when I listen to him call games.

Winthrop was a sexy pick to pull off the first round upset, looks good for them right now. They are giving Tennessee everything they want. My tournament rule of "never pick more than one SEC team for the Sweet 16" is looking alright at the moment.

3:25pm - It's not a fall Saturday, and as such there is no reason for Alabama, Florida and Tennessee to be on TV all at the same time. No surprise that both Tenn and UF are struggling, it's the wrong sport on the wrong day of the week.

3:29pm - Right as I type this, Watson picks up his 4th for Tennesse with 16 minutes left, and Winthrop takes the lead. Go SEC basketball!

3:47pm - Underated 5-12 upset possibility ... Montana over Nevada. Montana is up 40-33, and I honestly can't name a single player on their team.

Winthrop just hit a huge putback and has tied Tenn. again. This game is going to be right down to the wire. I can't believe any human in their right mind gave the 'Vols a #2 seed. What was the committee thinking?

3:56pm - "Buzzed Driving IS Drunk Driving" ... Ok, what about "Tipsy Driving", or maybe "Feeling Good Driving". What about "High Driving". Seriously, can we stop with the PSA's trying to be cool and hip and using slang from 5 years ago?

Oh yeah, Winthrop is up by two now. I can't believe my wife picked this and I didn't have the guts to. She got 31-32 right on the first weekend last year, I should know better.

4:11pm - Nice airballed free throw UT, you guys really deserved that #2 seed. Just lose and get this farce over with. Of course, you'll blow up my bracket if you do - but that's life, and I'll gladly trade $5 for a Vol disaster.

4:21pm - And that's why this is the best sporting event in the world. Holy crap James Lofton off balance from the corner with half a second left. ONIONS!!

4:57pm - And the afternoon session ends with the SEC the most bogus 3-0 ever. A big screw you to Nevada for laying a fat turd against Montana (SERIOUSLY, MONTANA?) and my Sweet 16 sleeper getting bounced early. Oh well, off to the local sports and drinking establishment for the evening haul. Good times.


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Nathan- Good summary of the day at large...I will need years of hypnotism/therapy to uncover the repressed memories of this spring's bracket prognostication..."Bracket? I filled out a bracket? Surely you're mistaken..."

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