Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Shockers (and I don't mean WSU)

So, there's a lot of pictures of basketball recruits going around the net - and it looks like being a bit time baller has it's privledges. Check out Greg Oden, for example. (by the way, where on earth is he? That house looks like something out of Napoleon Dynamite).

But Greg Oden is, well, Greg Oden. He's not a big white stiff who's going to spend his ACC career getting postered and clogging the lane. I mean, Serge Zwikker wasn't pulling that kind of action in high school, or it certainly wasn't getting out much. Not to mention, Zwik (or Nick Smith, or any of a litany of other 7 foot big slow white guys) wasn't going to a school currently under the cloud of a sexual assault investigation involving athletes. You know, one of those situations that would probably have you keeping a low profile for a little while, regardless of the perceived guilt or innocence of the involved individuals.

All of that brings us to Brian Zoubek. Zoubek is a 7'+ center from Jersey who is going to Duke next year, and he's currently pretty much a big slow fouling machine with some potential but certainly not a lock for any sort of greatness. What pops up on the internet though? Zoubs throwing the shocker to a couple of high school girls at what appears to be his prom. Niiiiiiiiiice. I'm sure Duke loved to see that right now.

(click for bigger version)

By the way Brian, you might want to stick with the blonde on your left - the brunette is a bit "Jersey" if you catch my drift. Of course, going to Duke ... maybe that's your style. Stay classy.

(p.s - I'm very glad the whole digital camera / myspace.com / facebook.com stage came after I left high school)


Blogger Harper said...

Way to go Zoob! I think youre the perfect replacement for Shav!

8:17 AM  

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