Friday, April 28, 2006

Kenny Scott! (the best site on the planet) has totally redone their interface and player, taking an already excellent site and improving on it even more. Since I'm already getting worked up for football season, this is a great excuse for me to go through my video collection and upload more of them as I can.

One of the keys for next year's defense is going to be the play of Kenny Scott, who's going to have the unenviable task of matching up against everybody's #1 WR ... and with our lack of depth and experience anywhere else in the secondary he's going to get very little help. Scott has more than lived up to his big time reputation coming out of high school, and hopefully his senior year he can truly step and show off his leadership ability to go with his ridiculous athletic ability. Scott can play himself into a early first day draft pick with another solid year, and if so - he'll be a huge reason why this should easily be the best Chan Gailey coached Tech team.

Scott made a couple of terrific plays last year, and I figure they are worth rewatching to get the blood flowing for the season to kick off. First was the interception return for a TD against UCONN where he stepped in front of a (telegraphed) pass and jetted down the sideling, capping it off with a front flip into the endzone.

This second play was one of the biggest of the season, a key 4th and 7 stop late in the Clemson game that sealed the win. He absolutely stoned his man, and refused to give up any ground with a terrific hit (watch him square his body and drive through the hit - somewhere his high school coach is smiling at the technique). Big play by a big time player.


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