Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Watch out Atlanta!

Look, everybody knows Georgia Tech has our fair share of nerds, dorks, science geeks and assorted forms of people you are proud to point to for academic accomplishments, but wouldn't neccessarily be your first choice to party down with. Tailgating at Tech covers a wide variety of options from the V parking lot to the Physics lot (seriously, could that sound any worse? Where's your tailgate? Oh, in the physics lot - it's a "blast"!). In other words, we're not neccessarily the right crowd to be mocking anyone for their lack of proper tailgate etiquette.

That being said, this group of ND MBA students is way, way, way past the line where I've ever seen even GT tailgates go (EDSBS.com). Orson does a great job putting them in their place (and the comments are just as good), but if this is what we have to look forward too this fall in Atlanta ... well, hide the women and children. The worst part is that not only is it so bad, but that they actually video taped it, then rewatched it multiple times while editing it and still thought this was a good idea. The lack of judgement is just staggering, and seriously begins to call into the question the quality of a Notre Dame education.


Anonymous Brian said...

Hey! GT has some good tailgating spots, with plenty of room for more. The Instructional center lawn is one great place, and the lot next to O'Keefe. I'm not arguing the tailgating is sub-par but hey its Atlanta.

1:41 PM  

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