Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Ladies and Gentlemen ...

Let me introduce you to a true 'dawg fan. Remember the "Lee Corso is a Penis" sign from College GameDay a couple of weeks ago? Well, Warren St. John over at Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer (buy the book if you don't own it) managed to snag him for an e-mail interview that is quite usefull in explaining the mindset of the average 'dawg.

Perusing that incredibly intelligent interview, a few key points stick out.

#1 - He's not actually a UGA student. Of course not, most 'dawgs aren't. Even with UGA's comparatively slack academics, the vast majority of 'dawgs are still far to stupid to get into school there.

: Okay Todd, who are you?

Todd: I'm a Junior at Georgia Southern University.

#2 -
He thinks toilet humor is the funniest thing ever, refusing to believe it innapropriate in any situation. Of course, when you haven't grown up past the 4th grade, this is common behavior.

RJYH: What do you have in store for Auburn this weekend?

Todd: We have a little payback in store for them. Things are different between the hedges. We're going to see how Auburn likes it when we hit them with the Shocker.

RJYH: The Shocker? Todd, I'd think you'd quit while you were ahead.

Todd: Oh yeah, we're gonna shock 'em. We're gonna shock 'em real good.

RJYH: Thanks Todd. And good luck with that ESPN gig.

#3 - He believes Georgia never gets the credit it deserves. Guess what, if you managed to win more than a single conference championship since Herschel left to go ruin the Vikings, you might get some of that respect. In fact, a pretty good case can be made that you get far too much credit for underachieving each year like clockwork.

Todd: Being a Bulldawg fan my whole life I have noticed that the press never gives us or any team in the SEC enough credit. Especially Lee Corso. When he picks UGA to win we refer to it as "Corso's Curse." It's just hard for me to watch year after year as everyone on ESPN Game Day overlooks the SEC -- especially Corso. Which is what makes him a penis. I guess there are a few other phrases that could capture Corso, but penis fits best.

The pride of 'dawg nation, I'm sure. It's hilarious living outside the state of Georgia now and realising what a minor player UGA is in the national sports scene, and the general view of the program in the nation as a whole (underachievers who also cheat) and I'm sure Todd was really helping that image out two weekends ago - living near KC has been quite refreshing after having red clad morons pee on me, throw food on me, bark at me and continually key my car for having a GT sticker on it while living in Atlanta.


Blogger todd said...

I’m not going to lower myself to the point of insulting you since we don't even know each other. I just wanted to point out that as you were explaining how stupid even non-UGA students were, you failed to spell "too" correctly. Now if a "4th grader," as you called me, could find that mistake, I wonder what grade you made it to.

5:19 PM  
Blogger Nathan said...

I ended up making my reply a full post - jump to the main page.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Interesting, but I'd disagree on your point that UGA isn't known nationally.

I work in sports and have lived nationwide. UGA is usually considered to be one of the top 4 or 5 schools annually in the NCAA on quite a few levels.

To the average uneducated fan, your point may be the case, but not to those who take the time to look.

There aren't many other programs that can win championships year-in and out in over 80% of the sports they field.

The interesting thing is that when I travel and tell people that I have done work with the Georgia Tech AA, they usually respond by saying "Oh yeah! The Bulldogs!"

By the way, I'm neither a UGA fan or AlumnUS, but the ones I've come in contact with don't really match up with the average Tech fan's dreams of them.

12:35 PM  

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