Monday, January 02, 2006

In my fantasy world ...

In my fantasy world, GT will hire recently fired Mike Tice to be the offensive co-ordinator that we desperately need. Tice has made a few mistakes in Minnesota with team discipline, but we already have a supposedly "discipline" oriented head coach, that wouldn't be his job. (I don't really think Gailey is that tough, but that's a totally different ball of wax).

Why could this work:
  • Tice has ACC ties, having played QB at Maryland in his college career.
  • Tice is one hell of an offensive line coach, building the backbone of those great Vikings offenses
  • Tice's teams have always put up huge numbers on offense, including the NFL record 556 point season
  • Tice is young and well liked, someone college kids could relate to
  • He'll be very driven to make a name for himself and then get back to the NFL
  • GT's coaching staff has strong NFL backgrounds, he'd feel more comfortable in that scenario
Why this probably won't work:
  • The Hill won't touch someone with his reputation (as minor as anything on it is)
  • He almost certainly will get an NFL o-coordinator job offer
  • Chan Gailey is too stubborn to do something like this
  • He'd be at most a two year option using GT as a springboard back to the NFL, doubt we take that chance
I can dream, can't I? Calvin Johnson is the closest thing to Randy Moss I've ever seen, and there's some talent with our young offensive linemen, it'd be interesting to see what Tice could do with them. Heck, there'd at least be a buzz around the program on the national scene - something we haven't had in ... forever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah right, Tice is going to go from Head Coach in the NFL to being the Offensive Coordinator of a second rate ACC team. Tice can do much better! Tice getting offered that position would be considered an insult.

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