Thursday, February 02, 2006

At least we're making them earn it

With Boston College's loss to Duke last night, the past 6 conference opponents for GT have lost their next game after playing GT. Hewitt's absolutely relentless defensive pressure, constant substitutions and physical style just wear teams out after having to face the Jackets - combine that with quality opponents in their next matchups and it's not a nice stretch to have in your schedule. (Seriously, who thought about making teams play NCSU or Duke basically every game right after they played Tech).

  1. Boston College lost to NCSU
  2. NCSU lost to Duke
  3. Wake Forest lost to NCSU
  4. Clemson lost to NCSU
  5. Maryland lost to Temple (!)
  6. Boston College lost to Duke

With Virginia Tech getting Boston College in their next game, it's a pretty good shot to go to 7 straight conference teams losing their immediate matchup after playing Tech. Wierd stats galore!


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