Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Barkley on SEC "Ethics"

On TNT last night during their NBA coverage, Charles Barkley (Auburn alumn) interviewed Dirk Nowitski and then had this exchange:

Charles Barkley: "I took some good players over to Europe to play, and he dropped 50 on us.... so I ask him 'How old are you' and he says '19' so I tell him 'I'll give you any amount of money in the world if you go to Auburn"

Kenny Smith: "Isn't that cheating?"

Charles Barkley: "We're in the SEC, if you aren't cheatin, you ain't tryin. We got Alabama, Georgia, Florida"

I love Charles, he's one of the best commentators in all of sports television right now - and I doubt he really offered a bunch of cash to Nowitski, but can you even imagine that joke working with any conference other than the SEC? It's almost like it's a badge of pride that so much cash has changed so many hands over the years.


Blogger Genay said...

It's who they are.

They know the only publicity their schools will ever get is through sports.

Fla. John J. Tigert started a football team just to get free publicity for the school.

He never cared if it was any good. That's why it took Fla 90 years to do anything of note.

10:45 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

Pretty holier-than-thou talk coming from a school who recently had entire years' worth of football records wiped out from using ineligible athletes.

Yeah, cheap shot, I know, I know.

6:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who's Afraid of a Large Black Man? Evidently Auburn's athletic department should be...Hopefully they can laugh off any impending investigations due to the source of this report. If only Barkley's golf score and IQ were commensurate.

9:55 PM  
Blogger Genay said...

Doug, I referenced Fla not Georgia.

And it's not "holier-than-thou."

I think that SEC presidents see athletics as the BEST publicity their schools can get.

I know that Athens has an impressive Carbohydrate Research Center, and that UF&Shands is one of the best Neuroscience/Oncology centers in the world.

I'm sure there are a number of World -Class activities going on at 10 of the 12 SEC schools, but those are terribly publicized.

In many respects the general public only knows of these schools via Football...

It's demeaning that UGA gets more publicity for Adams complaining about the Football program than for the cloning studies and social science research up there.

I can fully admit that Georgia Alums now have a very good school to be proud of. One of which I'm moderately proud as a native.

It's the redneck hordes, and their associated small-mindedness that I give my disdain.

9:47 PM  

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