Sunday, May 14, 2006

Gold Shoes?

There's a post over on The Hive about the women's tennis team spray painting their shoes gold for the NCAA tournament, and being The Hive - it quickly turns to the availability of gold accessories (in this case shoes) in the proper shade of "old gold".

(click for larger picture)

My wife odered a pair of old gold and white Nike Huarache 2K4 basketball shoes (very similar to the pair that Lewis Clinch and other players wore last year) from through their "ID" program for my birthday this year. The shoes were shipped to me direct from the factory in Guangzhou, China with a faux suede bag and lined storage box and are absolutely the perfect shade and size. I would strongly suggest it as a gift idea for a Tech fan (or just a fan of unique kicks), as long as you know the right size for them. I'm certainly the only guy in any gym I go into with white and gold shoes, and they look terrific.


Blogger Fashion said...

great shoes!!..i have the same nike shoes and the color is different, i love wearing them....

8:41 AM  

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