Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Trainwreck in Raleigh

I'm a native of Fayetteville, NC (or Fayettenam, if you prefer) - so unfortunately I check the Fayetteville News and Observer from time to time. Imagine my surprise when I actually read something interesting there today:
Asked why Davis decided not to stick with N.C. State, Oliva said, “I don’t really know … I can only guess. You want me to guess?

“Well, they (N.C. State) took two months to name a coach, and then, when they did, they named a guy who can’t coach.

“That is about the stupidest thing I ever heard of.” [LINK]

That's 6-4 guard Larry Davis' coach discussing the reasoning behind Davis decommitting from NCSU and heading to Seton Hall. Less, than flattering ... to say the least. When Sidney Lowe was finally hired as the head coach at NCSU, most thought that the public relations disaster was finally going to end after two excruciating months for the Wolfpack. Instead, the other shoe was yet to drop.

Hidden in the noise surrounding UNC, GT's and Duke terrific recruiting classes this year (each with multiple McDonald's All-Americans) was the fact that the Wolfpack and the Demon Deacons also pulled in very solid classes over the next two years. With the bungled firing / running off of Herb Sendek and the delayed hiring of Lowe, the solid '06 and '07 classes for NCSU are in total shambles now. Just a quick review of each prospect from those classes:

Class of '06:

Larry Davis (3* G) - once committed to NCSU, now going to Seton Hall and his coach has just bombed the Lowe hiring in the press.

Dan Werner (4* PF) - once committed to NCSU, now only a "soft verbal" and considering other options including Kentucky and Notre Dame.

Dennis Horner (3* SF) - still committed to NCSU, WOOHOO!!

Class of '07

Chris Wright (5* G) - probable McDonald's All-American who was once committed to NCSU, but has reopened his recruitment and is involved with a number of other ACC and Big East schools.

Evan Turner (4* SF) - said that he planned to commit to NCSU on his official visit, but now list Illinois, Ohio State, Iowa, Wake and Wisconsin as "high" interest. NCSU no longer makes that cut.

In short, NCSU had a solid recruiting class for '06 already in the books and had made a huge head start at a top 10 class for '07. You know ... that sort of UNC/Duke talent that fans in Raleigh have been clammoring for. By railroading Herb Sendek out of town, State looks to have thrown out the baby with the bathwater. There is virtually nobody left on the board for '06, and with the departure of Cedric Simmons to the NBA is appears the Wolfpack will have a very depleted roster. There is also virtually no chance at replacing the '07 class with anyone near the quality that Sendek had lined up, so State is looking at two below average or worse recruiting classes in back to back years - and that's going to leave a mark. I'm not sure Lowe is a great coach, but he's going to almost have to be to even sniff the NCAA tournament in the next couple of years. T


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Word is Andrew Brackman is considering quitting basketball to concentrate on baseball year round.... not sure if that's true though.

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