Friday, June 09, 2006

TV Overload

Georgia Tech kicks off the Atlanta Super Regional at 12 noon EST on ESPN, and Germany and Costa Rica kick off the World Cup at the same time on ESPN2 - my TiVO is going to be working overtime. If you are in the Atlanta area, head on down to the Rusty C, the weather hurt the attendance for the regional, and then the early start time today isn't going to help pad the post season coffers. College of Charleston is a very good team with a stud pitcher (Nick Chigges) who can easily win this series on the back of their pitching. I've got a pretty solid vested interest beyond just the GT fan connection, I live only a couple of hours from Omaha and will be up there if GT advances (I might go anyways, but it'll be much more fun with GT there).

If you are looking for the mascot ratings for the Big XII, SEC and Pac-10, I'll be back with the next installment on Monday - it's GT baseball here for the weekend.


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