Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Former Seminole player Fred Rouse has been arrested and charged with three felonies: burglary of a dwelling, grand theft and unrelated possessions of a controlled substance without a prescription, which was ecstasy. Former Seminole and current Bengal A.J Nicholson is also wanted for the same events, and has a warrant out for his arrest on felony charges of burglary of a dwelling, grand theft and misdemeanor criminal mischief. [LINK]

"Allegedly" the two broke into current FSU player Lorenzo Booker's room and stole $1,700 in electronic equipment. The kicker? A.J Nicholson was Booker's former roommate.

So to get the details in order we have this: An NFL player and a former 5* recruit break into the room of a teammate and former roomate and steal $1,700 in electronic equipment. Considering that the list of stolen items was "two portable stereos, a DVD player and a pair of headphones" and worth such a smallish sum, it's not like they were exactly after the big haul to strike it rich. Besides being doped out of their minds, what on earth could that pair have been thinking - especially Nicholson?

To summarize, A.J Nicholson has now been charged with sexual assault, DUI, resisting arrest, grand theft and burglary. Not a bad years work for one of Saint Bowden's pupils. No word yet on Fulmer Cup points for this escapade, but the fact that it involves a former teammate and roommate definitely deserves at small bonus.


Anonymous john said...

Hi, Nate. It's been a long time. What's up with this "fayettenam survivors" group? Glad you found me in facebook!


5:09 PM  
Anonymous GTryan said...

Based on the timeline, wasn't Nicholson ALREADY drafted? Geez, he's about to be making millions, but he still decides to steall $1,700 fo stuff from his former roomate? Smart guy...

7:25 AM  

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