Saturday, March 11, 2006

Hey Marketing, here's an idea

You know, this has been nagging me for a while ... GT is located in the very heart of Atlanta and has yet to use the resources in one of the fastest growing and most marketable cities in the world to it's advantage. Heck, there's a move title "ATL" starring two Atlanta rappers (Big Boi and T.I) in it coming out this summer. There's countless references to Atlanta or Atlanta based musicians on the radio daily everywhere in the U.S. Atlanta (or The ATL) has become a brand in and of itself, and GT should be using that to help market the athletics programs. There's no reason that the football stadium should only be 2/3rds full most of the year - and that I blame on us for not creating any sort of a "buzz" around Tech.

Oh, and there's no reason that UNLV should have beaten us to marketing campaigns like this one (watch the video below). My father-in-law lives in Vegas and has been a Rebel supporter for years and brought my wife into that a bit as well, but this is certainly aimed at the younger generation flooding Vegas and not the older crowd of the previous generation. Would it hurt us so bad to market to someone under the age of 40? Seriously?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nathan...I agree with you that GT does need to go after the ATL youth but I sure hope that GT does not put out this kind of stuff. To coin the youth...that ish is whack! Seriously...two white dudes trying to rap? Beastie Boys these guys are not. Plus their outfits were stupid. I guarantee you that Las Vegas youth will laugh at this. Typical though. Middle aged workers trying to communicate to the youth in what they perceive as their language and get it all wrong. GTAA can do much better... Man...couldn't UNLV have gotten the Black Eyed Peas to help? They live in LV. Geez...


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Blogger Nathan said...

I'm not saying the ad is great (I do like it in a "SNL Rap Skit" kind of way though) - but the concept is better than anything we've done in ... forever.

How hard would it be to find some up and coming musician looking for a break in Atlanta (there's a million of them) who could do a GT ad?

7:53 AM  
Blogger Kyle King said...

This weekend is race weekend at Atlanta Motor Speedway and, a few years ago, a hotel in the area put up the following sign on its marquee just before the race fans hit town: "Atlanta Without Being In It."

In essence, that is the problem Georgia Tech faces. George O'Leary was the first modern Yellow Jacket coach to turn G.I.T.'s downtown location from a minus into a plus, but the ability to sell Atlanta only goes so far.

Frankly, a lot of high school kids are using their athletic ability to escape the blight and despair of inner city life. The last thing they want to do is go to school on a campus that, however much it might have going for it in its own right, is shoehorned in between a highway and a housing project.

This is why The City Too Busy To Hate is a much more effective recruiting tool for Georgia than for Georgia Tech: Athens is roughly an hour's drive away down 316.

If you go to school in the Classic City, you can zip over to Atlanta and back again without having to stay there full-time. For a kid from South Carolina, South Georgia, or North Florida, that's a powerful draw . . . that's "Atlanta Without Being In It."

Atlanta's a nice place to visit . . . well, parts of it are nice places to visit . . . well, there are nice places to visit located in parts of Atlanta that aren't nice places to visit . . . but you wouldn't want to live there.

Grant Field is the Yankee Stadium of college football: historic, storied, and a great place to play a sporting event . . . but who in their right mind would want to go through the aggravation and risk of getting there?

For all the city's shameless civic boosterism (dating back at least to Henry W. Grady), Atlanta is not a draw, but a drawback, which Georgia Tech can merely overcome, but not exploit.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so you know "Da ATL" isn't anything the old blue bloods of Georgia Tech want to be associated. "Hey kids, come to Atlanta, the most gangbangin', hoe slappin, rappin city in the south!" Also a lot of people who live in atlanta already root for other teams, like SEC teams. The only way is to win more.

10:33 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Kyle, I like you a lot for a dog, but I'm calling outdated suburban bullshit on that whole post. Dogs running down the "dangers" of the area surrounding Tech are now as out of synch as all of the Tech fans making fun of how easy it is to get a UGA education. Maybe when we started school ('96 for me) that was true, but it hasn't been applicable for a long time.

Unless you're terrified of white upper middle class DNK families or seeing and maybe being approached by the occasional homeless person there isn't really much risk in anything surrounding Georgia Tech anymore.

Hell, the housing project you dogs love to throw out there was torn down and replaced with what became the Georgia State dorms ELEVEN years ago. Most of the homes in the midtown area are now going for several multiples of 100K and Tech's expansion over the connector removed several unsightly parking lots and replaced them with a high end hotel and mixed use construction.

It's not perfect, but there is no way that Atlanta is "not a draw, but a drawback" for Georgia Tech. That's just plain silly.

12:26 PM  
Blogger Genay said...

Don't get it...

Tech leadership is far too
c)traditionally Caucausian
d)all of the above

to ever associate the Institute with ATL poor urban population.

It's now over 5 miles to the nearest project. (Hamilton Homes is being renovated btw)

Tech's problem is simple.
Get our alumni to get off their fat assess and get to the game.

Tech does not sell the "WHOLE DAY" Experience. It's come to the Varsity, Go Jackets, but Go on Marta...that's the history for 25 years of alumni.

It's only us who are young that really make tailgating an all-day (6 hour) experience.

There are 38,000 alumni in the Metro Area...Take half, then double for spouses, add 1/10 for kids.

Guess what full stadium!!!
Too many of my Friends try to shoehorn in someother activity in addition to GT Football on Saturday.

You can't do that in ATH or Clemson.
In a nutshell, that's why we don't "draw."

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