Saturday, November 19, 2005


We muffed 3 punts, played horrible kick coverage and missed 2 field goals. And still won on the road at the #3 team in the country. This is a very talented GT team, and Gailey had his best week ever as a coach getting the team focused and playing hard. I've not been R. Ball's biggest fan, but he played his ass off tonight and sealed the game at the end for us. 14-10 will join 41-38 (my how times have changed) in GT lore.

Game ball to the defense and Tenuta, tremendous game plan and even better execution. KaMichael Hall is an absolute stud, and looked faster than anyone Miami had on the field. What a great win for the GT program.



Blogger fightinamish said...

Congratulations! I have respect for anyone who can take those dastardly Canes to the Seventh Flo' and have their way with them. Oh, and you can keep your filthy Gator Bowl trophy... we didn't want it anyway.

Again, job well done boys.

8:52 PM  

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