Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Uh, wow

So I was out of town yesterday and didn't get a chance to weigh in on what is probably one of the most eventful days in recent GT football history. Gailey got an extension, Braine didn't think before he spoke in a press conference and a judge forced a suspended player back onto our team. I'll have all my thoughts put together in coherent form this evening, and it will easily be my longest article ever on this site.

Until then though, just to get everyone in the proper mode for the upcoming Miami game (remember, we actually have a game this weekend) - please go check THIS out (HT to the incomperable Every Day Should Be Saturday). (Update: New link can be found HERE). I'm pretty sure 'The U' is the only school in the country that I'm not surprised at all to see the players recording a rap track titled "7th Floor Crew" about their dorm life featuring such classic lines as:

If your ho only know /
that she was getting fucked on the 7th floo’ /
If that bitch only knew /
that she was getting muddied by the whole damn crew

(Tavares Gooden's Verse)
Then He said baby that’s not how it begins /
and he brought in all his 7th floor friends /
She found it was [unintelligible] the Miami Football Team /
It’s also the 7th floor king ding-a-lings /
She thought Five Two was just my number then she realized /
you multiply the bitch up then you get my dick size

(At least Tavares Gooden is learning multiplication at Miami)


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