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Since Todd of the "Lee Corso Is a Penis" fame bothered to stop by and comment, I figured I'd reply to it ... and it turned out to be more fitting for a full entry.

Hey, I'’m not going to lower myself to the point of insulting you since we don't even know each other. I just wanted to point out that as you were explaining how stupid even non-UGA students were, you failed to spell "too" correctly. Now if a "4th grader," as you called me, could find that mistake, I wonder what grade you made it to. Todd-

Well, since I correctly used "to" and "too" throughout the rest of that post, it's obviously a typo - though a pretty funny one. By the way, even though I studied applied mathematics and not English, I'm pretty sure it's a grammatical error and not a spelling error.

You say we don't know each other, but that's not quite true. I do know you, at least by proxy. You are a member of the vast majority of UGA fans that don't have a direct personal attachment to the university other than simply being from the state of Georgia, picking up with the "winner" or simply liking the color red. I have never had a problem with an alumni from UGA, and I cannot imagine someone with a degree from there holding up a sign that says "Lee Corso Is a Penis" on national television. They understand they represent their school when in public, and wouldn't shame themselves in that manner.

On the other hand, it is the non-affiliated fan like yourself who brings such a poor name to the school. It was fans of your ilk that poured entire cups of beer over me because I wore a GT t-shirt to a Braves game (god forbid, I went 5 miles from my campus with a school t-shirt on). It was fans of your ilk that hurled ethnic slurs at a female friend of mine as we walked around Buckhead. It was fans of your ilk that boo'd the GT band at a Falcons game this year. It was fans of your ilk that keyed my car repeatedly when I parked it in a public lot in Atlanta. I'm not from Georgia, I didn't know that by attending the smaller of the two public universities in the state I was subjecting myself to continual abuse - and while I love the city of Atlanta and the state of Georgia, I find myself strongly disliking much of the culture that has sprung up around football in that state, a culture that encourages this form of behavior.

You see, holding up a giant sign with toilet humor on national TV just exemplifies the deep problems that run through the UGA fanbase. There is a huge contingent of fans who have no affiliation with the university, and thus have no concept of their behavior effecting the image of the school as a whole. Instead, they seem to relish in their abusive antics and lowest common demoninator behavior. When I first saw the story about the sign, the first comment out of my mouth was "I bet he doesn't even go to UGA" - which was obviously true.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhh, snap.

6:13 AM  
Anonymous ContactBuzz said...

Someone is entering a battle of wits unarmed. :)

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There is nothing quite as exhilarating as pointing out the shortcomings of others, is there?"

-Randal from the movie Clerks

I would like to add..."especially if they are UGA fans with no direct affiliation with the university."

11:57 AM  
Blogger Pat said...

Well, since I correctly used "to" and "too" throughout the rest of that post, it's obviously a typo - though a pretty funny one. By the way, even though I studied applied mathematics and not English, I'm pretty sure it's a grammatical error and not a spelling error.

I'm pretty sure a typographical error would be a spelling error, not a grammatical error.

That is, if you knew you intended to say "too" and typed "to", you spelled "too" incorrectly. If it's a grammatical error, then it wasn't a typographical error.

Just sayin. :)

12:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know it has been a while since I posted a comment on your site so I decided I would use this free time to do so.

First off: Yes, it is true that I do not attend the University of Georgia. Although your comment aimed at me was fun to read, I am afraid that the only truth you captured stopped at where I attend school.

I know it is easy for you to lump all non-UGA Dawg fans together and think of them all as being the type that would do all those mean things to you or other fans, but the buck stops here.

You say you know me in proxy, well my friend, allow me to tell you a little about the type of UGA fan I am... I have tailgated with Florida fans, I have played catch with Florida fans, my best friend is a GT fan and I would walk across broken glass for him and his Tech-loving family. I have dated a U of Tennessee girl, as well as an Auburn girl. I have driven 4 hours to pick up a GT fan with no expectation of payment. My cousin, who I grew up with, is a Tech fan and future GT student. I volunteer, give blood, do fund-raisers for the poor, give to the homeless, and give to charity organizations. I have friends, which I love, who hate UGA with all their heart, but I don’t care because they are my friends.

You see, I have never been the type to disrespect anyone, especially for their team affiliation. My UGA alumni parents TAUGHT ME TO BE BETTER THAN THAT. I must be a new type of fan - one who loves football as much as his team of choice. So I am sorry I do not live up to your expectations.

Go Dawgs,
Todd – the guy with the sign.

4:30 PM  

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