Thursday, November 10, 2005

Remember These Girls?

On TerpTown (and various other message boards) there has been a run of um ... "informative" pictures around the internet the past few days of these girls and a number of their friends. The TerpTown thread is simply some of the best comedy the internet has to offer when Cowgirl Jenn (the one on the left) begins to e-mail pictures of herself to members on the forum, attempts to find the name of a hot Maryland player and pisses off some of the resident board females. It's at 30+ pages now, all of the highest quality. Check it out, and if you ever wondered why recruits all seem to include FSU on their lists ... it's not just the free shoes.

(update: gt9589 from might have, or might not have, made a trip to Tallanasty for investigative purposes - here, and here)

(update #2: somehow the guys from TerpTown managed to get her to take a picture in front of her computer with their website up. In the world of sports message board geeks, that's certainly a hall of fame moment)

(Hundreds of kittens just died in College Park)


Blogger Dan said...

Want to touch the heinie.

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